A Season’s Toast: To Writerly Talent

A perfect pairing, bringing wine drinkers into the mix, has risen out of Ann Garvin’s and the Tall Poppies’ efforts – the Books & Bottles companions box.


Chloe Benjamin appreciates her “Madison favorites” because they allow her to work hard—and play hard, too. Read all about her favorites now.


Novelist and Madison resident Chloe Benjamin is elated to ring in the new year. When January begins, her second book, “The Immortalists,” will be published.

Beauty + Style + Fashion

About the Model: Jennifer DeMain

Get to know one of our May 2018 models – Jennifer DeMain. When she’s not striking a pose for BRAVA, Jennifer is a lead instructor at Cyc Fitness, a trainer at Kamps Fit and an instructor at Canvas Club Boxing. 

About the Model: Kaila Pooler

Get to know one of our May 2018 models – Kaila Pooler. When she’s not striking a pose for BRAVA, Kaila is a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor.

Bridal Bonanza

Our March bridal fashion shoot was a “crossover” project between two stellar Nei Turner Media Group publications—BRAVA and The Celebration Society—thanks to staffers and Dena Frisch, Kristina Ljujic and Rachel Werner stepping in as models.

Brava Events

Upcoming BRAVA Night Out Events

BRAVA Magazine invites you to join us for our monthly Brava Night Out events at local businesses! View details and registration information for our upcoming Brava Night Out events here.

THRIVE Career Workshops | 2018

JOIN BRAVA FOR THIS ACTION-ORIENTED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP SERIES Gain immediate skills and outcome strategies that will create more fulfillment, effectiveness and success in…

Brava Promotion


By Kate Bast Nick Butler is an unassuming fellow, the friendly kind of guy you’d like to play a game of ball with, then…



With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to set the table for company. Traditional touches with a modern farmhouse twist make for a wholesome feel.


Jamie Bradford started her wood furniture and home accessory business under the pretense that she was just a mom with a hobby. But Bradford’s Wisconsin Farmhouse has become a thriving design hub for modern farmhouse style enthusiasts.


Interior designer Allison Mercier had her work cut out for her when she took on transforming an underused basement into a bright, upscale and fun space.

Eats + Drinks

A Seasonal Flair

Why should you care about incorporating seasonal flavors into your baking and cooking? Experimenting can broaden culinary horizons and expose taste buds to new and exciting flavors. In fact, you might fall in love with something you’ve never tried before!

Authentic Delight: Border Hop At Compadres

By Rachel Werner Crossing the threshold at Compadres Mexican Restaurant is an all-access pass to a culinary expedition in downtown Middleton. The waitstaff’s colorful…

A Connoisseur’s Palate

Curating a wine boutique for a living definitely has its perks—like cultivating vino knowledge on par with that of a sommelier. Thus, take advantage of these expert tips when choosing which bottles to next take home.

Engaging Community

Critters Re-Entering the Wild

Paige Pederson has worked as a wildlife rehabilitator at the Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center since 2014. “I really love my job,” she says. “You never know what the next phone call will bring. It’s extremely rewarding to see an injured animal come in, and then to return them back to their environment.”

Creating A Village

It seems only fitting that a mother-daughter team would start a nonprofit aimed at empowering mothers to be the best parents they can be. The Catalyst Project is a community of support for young, single mothers with young children, who can feel very alone and overwhelmed by their circumstances.


Northern Splendor

My mom owned a cottage in Grand Marais, Minnesota, for 17 years. When people asked why in the world she chose a vacation destination requiring an eight-hour car ride north, she’d respond, “Because that’s where Grand Marais is.”

Invisible Boundaries

Closing out Theatre LILA’s 2017-2018 season, “Lines” is meant to sharpen its audiences’ ears, minds and hearts to the external struggles and internal turmoil that women of color grapple with daily.

2018 W2W Soiree Recap

BRAVA Magazine’s annual Women to Watch Soiree was a joyful success! Nearly 200 guests mingled during a night of revelry and celebration while enjoying delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts at this year’s event venue The Brink Lounge.

Finance + Career

Teen Money Talks

Teens aren’t known for always making the best choices. When money is involved, “It’s good to do that in a safety net,” says Amy Crowe, a financial education specialist at Summit Credit Union.

Boss-Up Leaders

It’s time to “BOSS UP,” leaders! But first, we must learn the core essence of what leadership is—service. Leadership isn’t about being bossy or giving orders; it is about serving people. Successful leaders lead by example.

Make Your Mark

The job market requires a certain personal flair and tenacity these days, but there is a way to make your mark visible and appealing while staying true to your personal brand, according to founder of Ellen Coaching, Ellen Bartkowiak.

Health + Wellbeing

What’s In Your Sunscreen?

When I was a kid, sunscreen was seen as an option. Nowadays, I don’t dare go outside without sunscreen on my pale Irish skin. It’s an essential in the battle against skin cancer. But is there reason to worry about the chemicals in my sunscreen?

couple intimacy

Revelations in Closeness

Professor Linda Roberts of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and co-contributor to the intimacy model “Deep Intimate Connection: Self and Intimacy in Couple Relationships,” explains the complexities of connection while identifying three main components of deep intimacy.


Make My Pickles A La Mode, Please

We all have cravings, right? But get pregnant or start your period and your hankerings bust out like a running back heading downfield.


Pfister Hotel WELL Spa

Lapping Up The Luxury

All of the grandeur at The Pfister Hotel makes ducking into this downtown Milwaukee hotel seem more like a jaunt to Europe. This luxury includes the hotel’s lower-level Well Spa + Salon in the exact spot where Turkish-style baths were in the hotel long ago is a pampering oasis.

Spring Forward

In need of a mini-break to wipe any lingering winter blue’s away? Consider pausing for a pause at The Pfister Hotel. Either pre-or post-spa visit, consider spending an afternoon at this historic locale.

Pro Pics

As a professional stylist and photographer, I’m continuously on the hunt for the next great shot. Consider this shortlist a cheat sheet of Wisconsin locales that offer stunning angles if you’re just getting started or looking to freshen up your own portfolio.

Local Women

Gritty, Maybe, But Also Real

Takeyla Benton is on a mission. This mother of two and bank branch manager spends her spare time promoting a love of reading and writing throughout the community.


Meet five local visionaries, inspirations and advocates who are making a global difference and weaving connections between Madison and the world.


Interviewed by Helen Bush Photographed by Shanna Wolf   Full Name: Elle Azul Duncombe-Mills Age: 21 Occupations: Freelance writer, photographer and jewelry designer/maker Where…

Shops + Services

Blooms Cruise

Flower power isn’t a cliché to Crazy Daisy owner Michelle Hornung; it’s a daily mantra. Hornung describes the pop-up floral “bar” as a quirky side gig to her day job, but also as a creative way to funnel the professional kindness she’s been honored for into the community.

All the Buzz

Step into Hive to discover why winter is as good of a time as any to fall in love with the outdoors. The store carries activewear lines like Nau, Lole, Patagonia, Smartwool and Krimson Klover, which accommodate a fit lifestyle packaged within a more polished look.


The annual BRAVA Raves & Faves is a gal’s guide to Madison’s best locally-owned businesses. Curated by BRAVA readers, for BRAVA readers.

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On October 15th, Design for a Difference made history by completing the largest charity design makeover in the country!


Helping a loved one face a serious illness is never easy, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you need someone to guide you, ask for Agrace.


A party like no other, Turville Bay invites the community to join cancer survivors, those living with cancer, their families, friends and caregivers as well as healthcare providers, at their 7th Annual Cancer Survivors & Thrivers Ice Cream Social on Sunday, June 4 from 1-3 PM.

Web Exclusive

A Summer Outing

Turville Bay MRI & Radiation Oncology Center’s sweeping views of Lake Monona make a relaxing setting for the 2018 Cancer Survivors & Thrivers Ice Cream Social. The healthcare technology facility is hosting the free event for its eight year in honor of the individuals, families and their loved ones whom have been touched by cancer.

Duluth bridge

Stretch Your Legs in Duluth

If you decide to visit Grand Marais, you may want to make a pit stop in Duluth, Minnesota, a bustling college town on the southern tip of Lake Superior.

Critters Re-Entering the Wild

Paige Pederson has worked as a wildlife rehabilitator at the Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center since 2014. “I really love my job,” she says. “You never know what the next phone call will bring. It’s extremely rewarding to see an injured animal come in, and then to return them back to their environment.”