Beyond The Surface

Typifying the millennial side-hustle, Madison artist Selia Salzsieder explores body politics in her art while working as a preschool teacher.

So You Want To Be A Writer?

Laurie Scheer, a faculty associate at UW–Madison Continuing Studies and director of the UW Writers’ Institute, mentors non-fiction writers, something she knows well.

Event Planning with Panache

BRAVA talked to a couple of Madison’s event coordinators to find out their best party planning tips and tricks to help make the most of life’s special moments.

Meet the Models

Our fabulous February 2019 models dish on all things wedding and fashion (and their sweet tooths)!

Velvet Revolution

Originally loomed from pure silk and renowned as the fabric of the wealthy during Medieval and Renaissance times, velvet remains a staple of classy couture.

Good Food For All

Slow Food UW is a student run organization serving healthy meals for only $5 on Monday evenings during the fall and spring semesters.

S-HERO Shoutouts

As our Women to Watch can attest, being a ‘s-hero’ isn’t always easy but they took a moment to acknowledge the mothers, sisters and friends whom are catalysts for change in the local community too.

Hidden Wonders

We’ve come a long way, baby. Today’s storage spaces are so much more efficient and eye pleasing than they once were.

New Year, New You…or Not So Much?

Although we’re only a few weeks into the new year, you may have already kicked any new year’s resolutions to the curb. And some of our 2019 THRIVE series speakers are no different.

Cannabis Cure-All?

As the push to legalize medical marijuana continues, CBD is taking center stage as a popular new remedy for a wide range of ailments.

Facing Adversity with Aplomb

With everything from the landscape to community dynamic changing, the Center for Resilient Cities has taken on the task of making sure we as a community are creating sustainable and thriving neighborhoods. 

Fat Tires, Big Fun

Inspired by mountain biking, fat tire bikes allows the rider to “float” over rocks and roots with ease, enthusiasts say.

Siri-ously Smart

From refrigerators that let you see inside without opening the door to video doorbells that show you who’s on the stoop, these smart home appliances capitalize on energy saving and home security.

No Mountain? No Problem!

For steep slopes and stylish retreats right in your backyard, be sure to check out these Wisconsin ski spots this winter.

Crunchy Marvel

Much like the invention of chocolate chip cookies and popsicles, Nutkrack’s creation was a happy accident.

Laquerus’ Bold Beauty Concept

A little primp and polish never hurt nobody. But Laquerus owners Jennifer Lane and Priyanka Verma are pushing the envelope on nail care.

Dine For Dollars

Foodie brand Epicurean Chronicles is raising funds through its EC Gives Back Program for Little John’s, a new “pay what you can” counter-service bistro piloted by Chef Dave Heide.


Instead of making the annual pact to actually make use of your gym membership, why not challenge yourself to something even more difficult this year? Wean yourself from social media.

2019 Women to Watch: Real Women, Real Change

They are BRAVA’s 2019 Women to Watch, and they all have stories to tell. Keep your eyes on these gals, because they’ll be reshaping our communities into a more evolved form for some time to come.

Alison Helland: Paying it forward

In 2019, Helland is looking to pay it forward with the MarketReady Program, a local initiative focused on supporting entrepreneurs who have faced historic barriers to entry that are interested in becoming vendors at the Madison Public Market.

Denise Ney: Research helping real people

Because of Denise Ney’s work as director of the dietetics program at UW-Madison, patients with the rare genetic disorder phenylketonuria (PKU) now have tastier options to meet their extremely limiting dietary needs.

Women to Watch soiree

Looking Back—and Racing Forward!

Tomorrow we’ll reveal the 18 female powerhouses who’ve been chosen as the 2019 Women To Watch. Today we reflect on the past honorees and the impact being a W2W had on their lives.

A Walk in the Woods

Snowshoeing keeps you active in winter, gets you outside, and best of all, you can snowshoe just about anywhere you can walk, making the possibilities endless.

In The Hole

‘Tis the season to rack up credit card debt. With a mortgage, car payments and student loans stacking up, extra holiday spending can tip personal debt over the edge of sustainability.

Live Your Values

Honoring our values is crucial in determining what’s good in our lives. They serve as a compass, pointing out what it means to be true to oneself.

The Present Table

For many of us, opportunities for connection and hospitality happen at the dining table. So when the holiday hustle threatens to sweep away joy, it’s best to redirect focus onto what matters most.

The Optimism of Education

The Literacy Network offers classes, and volunteers also work with learners one-on-one. It creates individualized lesson plans for each learner.

Figuring Out Fats

There are two main types of fats: saturated and unsaturated. Natural sources of healthy fats include foods like olives, walnuts, flaxseed and grassfed meats.

Give Peace a Chance

Quiet down the holiday roar with simple ornaments that evoke the hush that comes after a snowstorm.

#LMG = Last Minute Gifts

The stockings are hung, the cards are mailed, but there’s likely one name remaining on this year’s list—the perfect present having yet to be found. Avoid another mad dash through the mall by gifting one of these local items available online.

What’s Cookin’?

Hip Foodie Mom Alice Choi has earned an international following by highlighting the Midwest’s edible delights.

Beauty with a Purpose

These handmade woven baskets add color to any space, and what’s even more beautiful is the story behind them.

Comfort Food Round Two

Use this simple stew recipe for a hearty and satisfying meal comprised of the tasty nibbles remaining on your holiday platters.

Boozy Brunch

Eat, drink and be merry to your heart’s content this holiday season— and preferably start the party before noon.

Breaking New Ground

Overture Center for the Arts’ new CEO Sandra Gajic brings a fresh perspective to Wisconsin’s most influential and largest arts nonprofit.

Cheese ‘N Comfort

The Great Dane recently revamped its menu to incorporate more seasonal and shareable offerings, like its cheese-curd laden version of poutine—a classic Canadian dish with a Wisco twist.

D Is for Downsize

Professional organizer Nicole Gruter says that the key to turning your personal space into a positive space is to organize, de-clutter and most importantly, downsize.

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