Solidarity in the City

We talked to five Madisonians about their take on this momentous time, and how we can move forward — with solidarity — as a city, and a nation.

Kelly Boone: Family First

Kelly and Will Boone live in Madison and are raising their son, Treyson, during a time when parents still have to have tough conversations…

Lilada Gee: The Defender of Black Girls

Artist and community activist Lilada Gee’s work is vast, but it centers around one mission: defending Black girlhood, and she’s doing it with her organization and recent podcast, Defending Black Girlhood.

Alex Lindenmeyer: Businesses Must Take a Stand

When the Black Lives Matter movement came to State Street, where Short Stack faces, Alex Lindenmeyer and her employees were quick to jump into the streets alongside them and support Black-centered organizations.

Shalicia Johnson: Through the Lens

Recently, Shalicia Johnson was out in Madison photographing racially spurred protests, shown in our July/August issue. She shared with us what her experience has been like as a Black person in Wisconsin.

Raising the At-Home Bar

It’s a fact: we’re at home more, so why not fancy yourself a mixologist? Here’s what to stock at home to whip up delicious drinks.

What is Juneteenth?

If you open your phone, you’ll see June 19 marked on your calendar as a U.S. holiday. It’s referred to as Juneteenth, Freedom Day or Jubilee Day. But what exactly are the origins behind this date?

Support Black-Owned Businesses in Madison

One way (among many) to support Madison’s black community is to frequent black-owned businesses and services. We compiled a short list of some you should check out that have great eats, beauty products and services to use.

Video: BRAVA is Here For You

We’re giving you an update on when our next issue, the July/August 2020 edition, will be out — and sending positive vibes your way!

Eight Creative Ways to Give Back in the Madison Community

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s how tightly integrated we are as a community. If you’re looking for ways to give back in response to the coronavirus, or otherwise, here are a few local organizations doubling down and adapting to support Madisonians.

Gofundme Fundraiser for Downtown Madison Businesses Reaches over $134K

After this weekend’s events downtown, a Gofundme fundraiser was set up to assist with relief efforts for downtown Madison businesses that suffered damage during Saturday and Sunday night’s riots. According to local reports, 75 downtown businesses experienced some form of damage over the weekend.

Four Ways to Level Up Your Night In

Business, shops and restaurants are slowly starting to reopen, but it’s a given that we’ll still be spending more time at home this summer. Here are some fun things to do.

Grace Coffee Co. is the Place

Maybe it’s the dogs or Instagram-worthy features like stunning pastries and butterfly wing murals. Or perhaps it’s the coffee and food. Whatever the reason, Grace Coffee Co. is currently a rising star in Madison.

organic food

Quiz: Organic Food 101

Want to check your organic IQ? Sort out the facts and fiction with our quiz, and get the scoop on prioritizing your organic produce purchase.

The Color Picker

Paint swatches, siding samples and roofing materials line the back of Laurie Lundgren’s charcoal Toyota Prius—which she calls her mobile design studio.

Four Fabulous Fair Trade Apparel Lines

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite fair trade clothing lines (two of which were founded in Madison!) you can feel good about wearing—and look great in, too.

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