THRIVE Conference 2020 — Postponed!

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our speakers, vendors and attendees are our highest priorities. With the heightened concerns raised by the Center for Disease Control, BRAVA Magazine and Nei Turner Media Group is postponing the BRAVA Thrive Conference on Friday, May 8, 2020.

career change

Tips for Changing Career Paths

What to consider when switching lanes in your own career. We asked Sarah Young about how to think about changing lanes in your own career.

live together

How to Successfully Live Together

The only successful way to live with someone – whether it’s your partner, roommate or elderly parent – is to communicate your intentions before making that big step.

Cool Cabinets

Replacing or updating your cabinets is an exciting revamp that’s worth the time and expense.

Cynde Larson makeover

See Our 3-Hour Makeover

Cynde Larson experienced her own magical makeover moment during the Madison Women’s Weekend this past November, in only three hours.

Create Your Cozy Nook

Nurture your nesting instinct by picking up luxe items for home and body that embody treating yourself. Photography and Styling by Shanna Wolf Lovely…

Dune Gift and Home Will Charm You

Linger at Dune Gift and Home in Stoughton—a gorgeous, light-filled boutique on Main Street that’s filled with pieces from 25-plus craftspeople as well as vintage items.

Do You Know Your Heart Health Numbers?

During American Heart Month in February, we are encouraging our readers women to be vigilant about their heart health, something that is often overlooked until it’s too late.

6 Fresh Ideas for Date Night

Give Valentine’s Day—or any day— Madison flavor with these fun date ideas. For a fun and unique outing that’s big on local flair, here’s what we recommend.

3 Super Shared-Plate Stops

These three Madison restaurants give you excellent reasons, such as their delicious shared plates, to get out of the house.

Your Lady Parts 101

Women’s bodies are dynamic as we age— especially in our reproductive organs. We talk to the experts about how to best care for our areas down there.

21 Ideas for Giving Yourself Some TLC

In this month of love, we say treat yourself— to the city’s finest ways to pamper your body, mind and spirit. Below are activities to rekindle that relationship with your number-one.

5 New Ideas for Winter Kid Outings

Cabin fever symptoms peak this time of year, especially in households with children. Luckily, several Madison-area museums have just the remedy.

New Year, New Editor

We sit down with BRAVA’s new editor, Shayna Mace, to get to know her and the vision she has for BRAVA Magazine in the new year.

Could Wisconsin Get Paid Family Leave?

The Paid Family Medical Leave legislation would allow employees to contribute a percentage of their paychecks to an account run by the state’s Department of Workforce Development.

Brandi Grayson: Empowering Black Families

Urban Triage, the community resource organization Brandi Grayson founded in 2017, works to foster black families’ self-sufficiency through healing, community leadership and personal development.

Katie Hill: The Rebellion of Self-Love

Katie Hill, founder of Rebel Wellness, says that at Rebel Wellness, people can feel accepted and find support through things like open sharing and community building.

Heidi Duss: Expanding the Circle

Heidi Duss has always been passionate about creating connections, building spaces of inclusivity and helping others understand the importance of diversity.

Lauren Rudersdorf: Helping CSA Farmers Thrive

Everything that on-the-rise family-farm advocate Lauren Rudersdorf does is informed by her vision for “a food system that helps people eat well and doesn’t cause harm to the earth or our communities.”

How to Style an Elegant Mantel

When styling a mantel aim for balance, but not perfect symmetry. Step back and evaluate, then move things around until you achieve the desired look.

Complete Your Decor With Poufs

The pouf craze is on! And with good reason—these portable, versatile, decorative cushions can be used as supplemental seating.

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