Life After Breast Cancer

Narratives about breast cancer often revolve around the diagnosis and treatment. It’s rare we hear about the after effects of the disease.

Let’s Dig into Recycling

Though it’s the third “R” — along with reducing and reusing — recycling is important for the planet. Keeping up on city guidelines is thinking globally by acting locally.

CBD products

The ABCs of CBD

Interested in CBD? Here’s your quick primer about the range of products available.

Demystifying our Healthcare System

Our health care system can be complex and confusing — even more so when you’re in the middle of dealing with an illness or supporting a family member. Madison-area patient advocates work to help patients demystify the process.

How to Choose a Contractor

Thinking about having some work done in your house? You’re not the only one. Here’s a few tips for choosing a contractor.

Side Hustle Know-How

Treating your business’s finances the same way a corporation does is the best thing any woman with a side hustle can do.

A Face Behind The Funds

When you get to know Angela R. Davis, development director at the Madison Community Foundation, it’s easy to form a quick rapport with her.

NBC15 Diaper Drive Kicks Off Next Week 

Diapers are a much-needed essential for Madison families who can’t afford them. A citywide diaper drive is happening Feb.18-25 and it couldn’t be easier to donate.

8 Restaurant Spinoff Concepts to Try Now

Restaurants are kicking up the inventiveness right now to stay alive during the pandemic. Several spots have spun off separate curbside and/or delivery-only concepts — right out of their kitchens.

virtual therapy

Apps For Mental Health On-Call

The pandemic has been trying for everyone, leading some to seek counseling. Virtual therapy apps are one way to talk it out.

5 Madison Chocolatiers to Sample

In Madison, we’re fortunate to have chocolatiers in nearly every direction. Here are 5 chocolate businesses to fulfill your sweet cravings.

Bold Drinks without the Buzz

Forgoing alcohol used to feel more sacrificial, but many restaurants and beverage companies have saved the day with nonalcoholic options that feel just as special as the real thing.

8 Must-Try Winter Activities

Heading outside this winter offers ways to socially distance while enjoying a favorite activity and the beauty of the state.

Doing the Work

Think about workplace diversity, equity and inclusion as a journey instead of a destination.

Your Latest Arts and Culture Fix

The search for alien life forms, social justice-driven musical performances and two very special milestones take center stage this winter.

Make a Break for Movement

Unity Point Health – Meriter has five simple ways to encourage movement and keep your child active throughout the day.

2021 Women to Watch

They’re champions of diversity, problem-solvers, changemakers, forward-thinkers and inspiring innovators.

The Champion Of Women: Mel Charbonneau

Mel Charbonneau often reflects fondly on her journey toward founding Fellow Flowers in 2012, a community of women runners united by a collection of colorful flowers worn while running.

The Educator: Luz del Carmen Arroyo Calderon

Luz del Carmen Arroyo Calderon grew up in a small town in Mexico and was 12 when she moved to Milwaukee with her mom. That first year was hard, she says, in part because she didn’t speak any English.

The Forward-Thinker: Kristie Goforth

Kristie Goforth has been a catalyst for change and momentum throughout Dane County. Having grown up in poverty with low career expectations, Goforth rose above it all.

The Culinary Changemaker: Francesca Hong

With her long tenure in the restaurant industry, Francesca Hong excels at taking care of people. When something isn’t working or someone is being left out, she is quick to speak up and offer support.

The Ecopreneur: Sasha Stone

A passion can take a lifetime to develop, but Sasha Stone found hers at a young age—a love and appreciation of nature.

Five Nutrition Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Madison-based Emmy Bawden, a registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of Real Good Nutrition, has the answers to your burning nutrition questions — like, what is with all the different milk alternatives and which one should I buy?

Head of the Table

Amidst the global pandemic, the city’s female chefs continue to forge ahead with their own brand of innovative, exciting cuisine at some of the city’s beloved restaurants — and they remain hopeful for the future.

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