From Runway to Real Way

Runway trends revealed an array of iconic styles from decades past that have been reimagined, including these 5 great looks.

Your Healthiest Skin

This is really your guide to your healthiest skin, along with myth-busted misconceptions, brought to you by SSM Health.

Your Election Night Survival Kit

In order to make election night a little more enjoyable, we’ve come up with a survival kit. All the items below were curated to bring a little comfort.

A Space for Dreamers

American Family Insurance believes that a dream is the most valuable thing you’ll ever own. That’s why we created DreamBank — an inspirational community destination and digital experience, dedicated to the pursuit of dreams.

Our Melt-Into-the-Couch Binge List

We can’t peel ourselves away from these hearty sources of entertainment guaranteed to have you laughing, crying, swooning and shamelessly screaming at the TV.

Six Tips for a More Efficient and Effective Workday

Author and podcast host Laura Vanderkam says spending more time working doesn’t equal success — and that’s good news for everyone. So instead of resigning to longer workdays, try these productivity and time-saving pointers, used by highly successful professionals.

Grand Greenhouses

Savoring produce in January or enjoying cheery blooms during a dark Wisconsin winter sounds like bliss. It’s possible, with the addition of a greenhouse.

Eight Artful Stops in Wisconsin

We think an art-inspired road trip is in order, and we’ve already made a list of museums you’ve got to see with some truly fascinating and thought-provoking exhibits.

Step Up Your Home Style

The Montage, a home furnishings and decor shop, draws customers from all over the area who are looking for ultra-chic items.

Virtual School Advice for Parents

To help alleviate some of the stress for parents and kids caused by the beginning of this school year, we spoke with two middle school teachers who offer some insight and advice about virtual learning.

What’s New, What’s Next: Anne Trinklein

Anne Trinklein previously worked as a buyer for a furniture manufacturer in the furniture capital of the U.S., AKA High Point, N.C., before moving to the Midwest and starting her own design firm.

A Low Maintenance Beauty

Madison resident Jeff Epping endeavored to create a low maintenance outdoor respite that could be enjoyed without all the fuss.

Stoughton’s Secret Garden

This 114-year old Victorian-style home, with its lush backyard garden, has brought forth descriptions from onlookers such as “magical” or “a secret garden.”

Nature’s Canvas

If you pause and look closer at Stoughton resident Kay Rashka’s garden, you’ll see it’s layered with colors, textures and shapes.

School in the Time of the Coronavirus

Wisconsin mom and clinical psychologist Emily Mazzulla pulled from her trauma and resilience training to create a book, “School in the Time of the Coronavirus”: “As a mom, I read a lot of children’s books and I find that they spark conversation in kids — [they’re] a safe, engaging way to talk about difficult topics.”

Solidarity in the City

We talked to five Madisonians about their take on this momentous time, and how we can move forward — with solidarity — as a city, and a nation.

Kelly Boone: Family First

Kelly and Will Boone live in Madison and are raising their son, Treyson, during a time when parents still have to have tough conversations…

Lilada Gee: The Defender of Black Girls

Artist and community activist Lilada Gee’s work is vast, but it centers around one mission: defending Black girlhood, and she’s doing it with her organization and recent podcast, Defending Black Girlhood.

Alex Lindenmeyer: Businesses Must Take a Stand

When the Black Lives Matter movement came to State Street, where Short Stack faces, Alex Lindenmeyer and her employees were quick to jump into the streets alongside them and support Black-centered organizations.

Shalicia Johnson: Through the Lens

Recently, Shalicia Johnson was out in Madison photographing racially spurred protests, shown in our July/August issue. She shared with us what her experience has been like as a Black person in Wisconsin.

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