Wil-Mar Center Gets Some TLC

The Wil-Mar Center has been a community staple for half a century. In April, it was named the recipient of this year’s Design for a Difference Makeover.

Meriter’s Forensic Nurses Treat Trauma

The Forensic Nursing Program based at Meriter Hospital is Dane County’s only program designed to collect evidence from and treat victims of physical and sexual assault, and child abuse.

aging woman

Aging is a State of Mind

It’s possible to abandon this struggle with youth and cultivate a new philosophy which honors the realities of aging and celebrates a life fully lived.

What Does Brix Mean?

If we measure the brix of a particular apple juice, we’re measuring how much sugar is in the juice. We look for apples on the high end of the brix scale.

Brix Cider’s Locally-Grown Libations

Brix Cider owners Marie and Matt Raboin started dabbling in home-brewing a decade ago. They planted their first trees in Barneveld in 2014, produced their first commercial batch of cider in late 2016 and launched the area’s first cider pub in Mount Horeb this past winter.

Level Up Your Vacation Rental

When decorating your home to rent out, think personality, not personal. A neutral decorating palette with curated pops of color is universally appealing.

UpStage Stigma

Upstage Stigma is a night for those facing mental illness to be out in the open and up on stage, taking place May 17 at High Noon Saloon.

Level Up With LinkedIn

Whether you’re looking for a new job, building a brand or networking, LinkedIn is the most important social media platform for professionals.

What does it mean to be Thoughtfully Fit?

Building your Thoughtfully Fit core can help you harness the power of coaching in your everyday life. Take a pause, think things through, and take a thoughtful course of action.

Milwaukee’s Odd Duck is Always in Season

The menu is printed daily for that night’s dinner, reflecting not only what’s in season but what has been brought to Odd Duck from food suppliers and farmers that morning.

Adults Deal With ADHD Too

According to the national nonprofit organization Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, approximately 10 million adults have ADHD, with many of them unaware of their medical condition.

Governor’s Plan Would Boost Doula Pay

In February, Gov. Tony Evers introduced his state budget, including an initiative called Healthy Women, Healthy Babies, which would provide funding for doulas to serve women of color as part of a wider effort to support black infant and maternal health.

Create Your Own Meditation Space

Creating a beautiful meditation sanctuary at home need not be complicated. A small, quiet corner and some essential props can transform your space into a personal oasis of calm.

Ms. Milele Retires from UMOJA

After nearly 30 years at the helm, Milele Chikasa Anana, 85, retired as UMOJA’s publisher in November and sold the magazine to the Urban League of Greater Madison.

City Sojourns

The Midwest might be considered flyover country, but the quality of art, architecture, cuisine and shopping in many of our cities can compete with the caliber of the coasts.

St. Louis: Rediscover an Evolving City

In recent years, St. Louis has embraced its urban roots with new boutique hotels, celeb-chef-run restaurants and attractions you definitely won’t find anywhere else.

Migraine Options Beyond Medication

Those unlucky enough to be familiar with migraines know they are more than a simple headache. Thus, they don’t usually respond to standard over-the-counter treatments.

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