Getting Ready for Baby

A UnityPoint Health – Meriter postpartum nurse shares advice on what to pack in your hospital bag.

Need an Energy Boost?

Supplements are a safe and natural way to improve performance, enhance recovery and manage chronic issues that interfere with people remaining active throughout life.

Education is Empowerment

At The Rawal Institute for Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Rawal understands the physical and psychological toll hair loss takes on both women and men.

OB/GYNs Do More Than Deliver Babies

At Associated Physicians, they like to educate patients about all of the concerns that OB/GYNs can help address — which are well beyond pregnancy.

Local Experts in Women’s Health

Whether you’re expecting, experiencing perimenopause or menopause, or dealing with hair loss, local women’s health experts can address your wellness concerns and help you feel your best.

7 Can’t-Miss April Events

Tap your creativity at an arts party, sample small producer eats at a free food event and browse the Dane County Farmers’ Market.

Madison’s Women in Law

Meet some of the city’s lawyers who work with individuals and families for effective legal resolutions.

Finding Your New Path Forward

Jennifer Johnson’s role as a divorce attorney is to help her clients salvage what can be saved and to partner with them on their new path forward.

Make Good Choices

Stephanie Thompson is a seasoned attorney who specializes in all the crucial aspects of your asset allocation, end-of-life care decisions and business succession planning.

Legal Counsel You Can Trust

Morgan Stippel is an attorney practicing in civil defense litigation and regularly represents clients in state and federal lawsuits.

The Cost of Upgrading Your Home

Whether it’s a quick refresh or a major renovation, these are the most popular home remodeling projects homeowners are requesting.

Zip-Dang’s Quirky, Cool Finds

In 2010, Natalie Bass opened her own retail shop called Zip-Dang, where she could sell her clothing in addition to items by other makers in the area and beyond.

March Editor’s Picks

In this monthly dispatch, editorial director Shayna Mace talks secondhand shopping, previews a new restaurant and shares a helpful beauty tip.

In the Mood

Make a room look polished with this sophisticated color pairing.

Pain Into Purpose

Five women share how they were able to come to terms with life-altering changes, and push forward. 

I Was Changed Because of Cancer

The last thing Diane Anderson expected to hear in 2002 was that she had breast cancer — at 44, she was an active and otherwise healthy mother of three girls.

Trauma Turned My Life Around

Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, Jevon Diming experienced generational trauma: several cousins were killed by gun violence and her nephew, Pierre, was a victim of gun violence.

Once Homeless, Now I’m Prospering

After being stalked in Milwaukee as retaliation for reporting a sexual assault of a family member, Lai’Kita Buie knew she could no longer raise her three children there.

February Editor’s Picks

In this monthly dispatch, editorial director Shayna Mace visits a unique boutique, tries out a new restaurant and details easy ways to give back this month.