Angels Loving Care

After earning her master’s degree in health administration, Julie Nowak launched her own caregiving business, Angels Loving Care, in 2014, and has seen the enterprise grow like wildfire.

Turning a Vocation into a Career

Successfully turning your talent into a prosperous career can be tricky. Salon owner Kati Whitledge shares the story of her own professional progression.

A Creative Ecosystem

CODAworx has been around for only five years yet has gained recognition among artists all over the world and will likely expand to serve international clients next year, says founder and CEO Toni Sikes.

Axios Life Coaching

Jara Rios founded Axios Life Coaching in 2016 and has expanded its offerings to include career-related and relationship-based coaching, as well as grief counseling.

The Fullness of Life After 50

So you’ve finally scaled your middle years and can see your future beyond the first half. There’s no reason to be a spectator. Dive in.

Maximizing Condo Style In Your Smaller Space

Decorating a condo can be daunting, especially if you’ve just downsized from a larger home. But this homeowner has found a way to make a practical space without skimping on personality.

When Home Is Where You Park It

Today more than ever, the experience of traveling the country in a RV stitches together timeless style, a generous community and the spirit of adventure.

Straight Talk on Shingles

They say things get better with age. A fine cheddar, or perhaps an artisanal wine. The varicella zoster virus though, not so much.

Toward Ending Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pervasive problem. In the Latino community, approximately 1 in 3 of Hispanic/Latina women have experienced physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime, according to the National Latin@ Network. 

Vicarious Tempo

Brought to the stage by an all-female creative team, the hit Broadway musical “Waitress” begins its first run in Madison July 24-29, 2018.

Keeping ‘the Whole Brain’ Healthy

Opportunities for continuing education abound in the Madison area— and even a bit farther afield. And, for seniors, some of these educational offerings are free or at a lower cost. So dive in and keep your mind aflight!

A Fierce Feminine POV

Madison Gas and Electric’s GENRE2030 new marketing campaign casts local female trailblazers as the protagonists in three cinematographic shorts.

What To Do After Calling It Quits

Retirement Life Coach Mary Helen Conroy says that instead of regarding retirement as the end of an era, you should view it as a new beginning.

Feast of The Field

Three years ago, Troy Community Gardens, the only CSA fully grown and operated within Madison city limits, decided to launch one more service for its members and its northeast neighborhood—wood-fired pizzas.

Making an Impact: Ruth Robarts

At their 2018 Community Volunteer Awards, the United Way recognized Ruth Robarts with a Distinguished Service award. Robarts, 71, has volunteered for the past eight years with the Literacy Network, teaching classes in English and citizenship.

Making an Impact: Mary Fulton

Mary Fulton, 69, was brought up with the value of standing up for justice. One might even say social justice work is in her blood.

Fine Wines

Micca Hutchins has a thing for good wine—especially wine from Southern France, made by family vintners with generations of experience.

An Eye for the Finer Things

Elegance and artful functionality define Susan Colby’s approach to life and her clothing design business, Avedon & Colby International Outfitters, her latest venture after a lifetime of design industry work for top-tier brands.

Giving History a Narrative

Patricia Sutton took an early retirement from teaching but found another way to continue influencing and inspiring young kids—through her writing.

Sassy Locks in the Later Years

Being 50+ doesn’t mean one’s sense of style has to fade. Be Inspired Salon lead stylist Jes Marvin encourages women to not let age hold them back from dramatically altering their hair.

Future Farmers of Wisconsin

Homestead Wisconsin is a farm-based infusion of Brit McCoy’s passions: landscape design, floral arrangement and cows.

Off The Beaten Path In Baraboo

By Megan Roessler | Photos Courtesy Josh Meyer Baraboo has an eclectic charm and a wealth of character. With scenic views and outdoor adventure,…

Fly Like A Bird

One BRAVA writer explores the newest yoga trend, acroyoga, at a workshop at The Studio.

English garden

Where Beauty is in Season

Mike Collins’ lush backyard garden in West Madison is part English garden, with its lilies and daisies, and part prairie garden, bursting with asters and coneflowers. And, there’s another whole section Collins calls a mosaic garden.

An Urban Oasis for The Community

On a quiet side street just a stone’s throw from the raucous Stoughton Road/ Highway 151 interchange is an oasis for thousands of people who live in a wide swath of East Side neighborhoods. Mostly kids come to the East Madison Community Center, but adults and seniors do, too.

Thousands of Hours and Limitless Impact

For 52 years, The East Madison Community Center has provided its East Side neighbors with extensive programming and food support—for children, youth, adults, seniors and new moms.

Sweet Freedom

In the spirit of Juneteenth day, Curtis and Cake is sharing their crowd-pleasing red velvet cake recipe with BRAVA.

Five FIT Destinations

Is your fitness motivation in need of a refresh? There’s more than one way to put a body in motion and a fit vacation is an adventurous remedy to achieving wellness goals.

Creating A Buzz

When Heather Swan’s dad took her to a beekeeper friend’s honey harvest she knew she wanted to take part in beekeeping. Now Swan hopes to inspire that sense of wonder and affection for the honeybee in readers of her book, “Where Honeybees Thrive: Stories from the Field.”

Fill’er Up

A stop at Trixie’s Growlers to go-go on East Washington should be on the radar of any craft beer enthusiast. A liquor store since 1968, Colleen and Chris Welch opened Trixie’s about seven years ago, and the tavern room more recently.

Be Who You Are

Jimmy Brandmeier’s forthcoming book, “Be Who You Are: A Song for My Children,” offers fatherly guidance and advice, as well as broader insights on the purpose of life. Musing on topics from work, to love, to finding your passion, Brandmeier returns to the refrains of authenticity and happiness.

That Sentimental Feeling

There are some homes you walk into and you can immediately sense the emotion and heart behind every design choice. Heirloom objects hang in places of honor, and practical, everyday items somehow find their way into the décor, too. Every piece has a story to tell, a nostalgic tie to the family who lives there.

Rebecca Brown at Work and Play

Rebecca Brown, whose novel “Flying at Night” was published in April, finds untold inspiration in everyday life. She lives with her husband, three boys (ages 16, 12 and 10), and two rescue dogs in her renovated 100-year-old home on Monroe Street.

Throwback Escape in Three Lakes

The first time I walked into the lake cottage we bought in 2014 just north of Three Lakes, it looked just as it must have in 1950. The former owner hadn’t been in it in years, and he’d left it a time capsule of mid-century clothing and furnishings.

Canine Couture 

When it comes to accessories, why should humans have all the fun? Dogs now have backpacks to call their own thanks to Pups Who Pack by Maggie Modena. 

A Spicy Fix

First launched as Ethnic Spicery in 2012, husband and wife duo Sara Parthasarathy and Partha Sabniviss rebranded their Indian meal kits Flavor Temptations in 2014.

Madison Kids Expo 2018

Over 8000 visitors joined us for the 2018 Madison Kids Expo—an action-packed weekend where numerous families enjoyed live dance performances, craft bar projects and laser tag in addition to meeting NASCAR race drivers and local firefighters.

Tall Rocks, Still Waters

The Dells’ character may seem type A—the biggest, fastest rides, and most shocking, stimulating entertainment jockey for your attention from screaming billboards. But what first drew people to the Dells decades ago was the natural beauty of the Wisconsin River and the lakes that feed in to it, along with the dramatic Cambrian sandstone formations towering above.

Bold Strokes

Using her hands to create was originally a passion rather than a profession for artist Stephenie Purl Hamen. After working in the craft world, then in education and marketing sectors for numerous years, she resigned from her most recent stint at Aldo Leopold Nature Center in 2016 to be a full-time artist.

Shiny Happy Places: Forging A New Design

A small powder room got a bright update when interior designer Rochelle Lee and her client went with a mixed metal-inspired design. The pieces, including bronze sconce lighting and a bright gold sunburst mirror, added ample texture.

Teen Money Talks

Teens aren’t known for always making the best choices. When money is involved, “It’s good to do that in a safety net,” says Amy Crowe, a financial education specialist at Summit Credit Union.

A Summer Outing

Turville Bay MRI & Radiation Oncology Center’s sweeping views of Lake Monona make a relaxing setting for the 2018 Cancer Survivors & Thrivers Ice Cream Social. The healthcare technology facility is hosting the free event for its eight year in honor of the individuals, families and their loved ones whom have been touched by cancer.

What’s In Your Sunscreen?

When I was a kid, sunscreen was seen as an option. Nowadays, I don’t dare go outside without sunscreen on my pale Irish skin. It’s an essential in the battle against skin cancer. But is there reason to worry about the chemicals in my sunscreen?

Northern Splendor

My mom owned a cottage in Grand Marais, Minnesota, for 17 years. When people asked why in the world she chose a vacation destination requiring an eight-hour car ride north, she’d respond, “Because that’s where Grand Marais is.”

A Seasonal Flair

Why should you care about incorporating seasonal flavors into your baking and cooking? Experimenting can broaden culinary horizons and expose taste buds to new and exciting flavors. In fact, you might fall in love with something you’ve never tried before!

Duluth bridge

Stretch Your Legs in Duluth

If you decide to visit Grand Marais, you may want to make a pit stop in Duluth, Minnesota, a bustling college town on the southern tip of Lake Superior.

About the Model: Jennifer DeMain

Get to know one of our May 2018 models – Jennifer DeMain. When she’s not striking a pose for BRAVA, Jennifer is a lead instructor at Cyc Fitness, a trainer at Kamps Fit and an instructor at Canvas Club Boxing. 

About the Model: Kaila Pooler

Get to know one of our May 2018 models – Kaila Pooler. When she’s not striking a pose for BRAVA, Kaila is a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor.

Critters Re-Entering the Wild

Paige Pederson has worked as a wildlife rehabilitator at the Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center since 2014. “I really love my job,” she says. “You never know what the next phone call will bring. It’s extremely rewarding to see an injured animal come in, and then to return them back to their environment.”

Blooms Cruise

Flower power isn’t a cliché to Crazy Daisy owner Michelle Hornung; it’s a daily mantra. Hornung describes the pop-up floral “bar” as a quirky side gig to her day job, but also as a creative way to funnel the professional kindness she’s been honored for into the community.

Pfister Hotel WELL Spa

Lapping Up The Luxury

All of the grandeur at The Pfister Hotel makes ducking into this downtown Milwaukee hotel seem more like a jaunt to Europe. This luxury includes the hotel’s lower-level Well Spa + Salon in the exact spot where Turkish-style baths were in the hotel long ago is a pampering oasis.

Debunking Branding Myths

For budding female entrepreneurs, it’s important to stand out so that potential customers can identify why your brand is best suited for them, rather than a competitor’s. This is known as ‘personal branding.’

Creating A Village

It seems only fitting that a mother-daughter team would start a nonprofit aimed at empowering mothers to be the best parents they can be. The Catalyst Project is a community of support for young, single mothers with young children, who can feel very alone and overwhelmed by their circumstances.

How to DISRUPT the Status Quo

In a new world, where #metoo and #timesup are the movements of the day, more women are finding their voices to disrupt the status quo. There’s power in numbers. And we are just getting started.

Boss-Up Leaders

It’s time to “BOSS UP,” leaders! But first, we must learn the core essence of what leadership is—service. Leadership isn’t about being bossy or giving orders; it is about serving people. Successful leaders lead by example.

Invisible Boundaries

Closing out Theatre LILA’s 2017-2018 season, “Lines” is meant to sharpen its audiences’ ears, minds and hearts to the external struggles and internal turmoil that women of color grapple with daily.

couple intimacy

Revelations in Closeness

Professor Linda Roberts of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and co-contributor to the intimacy model “Deep Intimate Connection: Self and Intimacy in Couple Relationships,” explains the complexities of connection while identifying three main components of deep intimacy.

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