THRIVE Career Workshops | 2019

Join BRAVA for this action-oriented professional development workshop series in 2019. Gain immediate skills and outcome strategies that will create more fulfillment, effectiveness and success in your career–and your life.

Inclusive Breast Cancer Treatment

The minute after a breast cancer diagnosis, “normal” doesn’t exist. In the midst of swirling emotions, women have to make quick decisions with long-lasting implications.

Teller of Tales

Throughout her life, Jen Rubin was greatly influenced by close family and friends for all their community building in whatever form—including storytelling.

Feminine Muses

Madison aims to turn the controversial history that is women in theater on its head, as these fabulously feminist playhouses make room for a new kind of female lead.

Spice It Up

As the days grow shorter and the air turns delightfully crisp, Wisconsinites gear up for a festive fall season.

Musical Mentoring

Artists and arts consumers alike are drawn to Madison to live, work and play. Among the list of worldclass performers to find her foothold here is Gail Becker.

Real-Life Reels

When Carrie Highman is behind the lens—or in the director’s chair—she sets about crafting a visual portal into the lives of others.

Party Puffs

It may have been Sugarsmith Madison creator Jo Mahnke’s destiny to launch a vintage-themed cotton candy cart business.

Meet 2018 Fall Fashion Model

Meet our October fashion model, Jeanne Pluemer, a meeting, convention and event management professional. She was delighted to model clothing from designers who have embraced the fuller figure.

Bigger, Brighter, Better

Catering to women in every shape and size is officially en vogue as mainstream labels along with couture designers took a BIG fashion step forward by recently expanding their lines to include “plus” cut garments.

Vino Voyage

Whether you’re in the mood for a cherry wine or a dark Zinfandel, Door County has it, and it’s easy to choose your own winery adventure.

Process Makes Perfect

No artist plays “second fiddle“ within First Act Theatre. Founder Susan Nanning-Sorenson’s intent behind starting the org was firmly rooted in a desire to provide a comprehensive view for children of the theatrical arts.

Vibrant Tile for a Powerful Powder Room

Longing to give your kitchen or bathroom a face-lift? Several chic tile trends have surfaced this year, featuring bright, contemporary colors and bold patterns.

Selling Magic

When her kindergarten teacher asked the class what they wanted to be when they grew up, Jane Wilcoxson had a ready answer: she wanted to be an artist.

Where Fashion Meets Philanthropy

Each year the Attic Angels Association organizes a Classic Clothing Sale, featuring an assortment of new and gently used clothing and accessories, with all of the funds raised going toward a worthy cause.

Everybody Has It In Them

Written by Andrea Debbink and illustrated by Emily Balsley, “Spark” emphasizes the importance of creativity as a skill that can be learned and developed, rather than a talent innate to some and not others.

Filling a Need…and a Backpack

Sistah 2 Sistah has created events to support single mother families—a PreMother’s Day Brunch, SPIRIT Group, Dinner with Soul Santa and the Back 2 Skool Bash.

Intentional Living

Sometimes it can feel like your life is living you instead of the other way around. Maybe there’s too much to do and no time to pause and consider what you actually want to do. But, there’s a way out of this vicious cycle.

Empowering Mothers and Saving Babies

Today, local doulas, along with physicians, medical professionals and community advocates—many of whom are African-American women—are part of an emerging grassroots movement in Madison to turn the black infant mortality rate around.

Community Creativity

Hoping to ignite the creative energy of young readers and artists, American Girl editor—now author—Andrea Debbink and illustrator Emily Balsley collaborated on “SPARK!”.

To Give And To Receive

At 18, Anne Otter learned that she was going blind because of kerotoconus, a progressive eye disease in which the cornea begins to bulge into a cone-like shape.

Get The Scoop

If you’re looking for a special way to spend some quality time with your little tykes before they head back to school, consider these fun, low-cost family outings.

Shop ‘N Swap

Madison Night Market is one of several pop ups around town. Such markets are becoming increasingly popular for the unique shopping experience they provide.

Culinary Mementos

What began as “just a hobby” completely exploded within a year to over 4,000 Instagram followers for Epicurean Chronicles and a Madison foodie sensation.

Stress Less

How do successful female entrepreneurs handle the entrepreneurial stress? First and foremost: get help.

Women Helping Women Vote

We trust information from these people because we know them. This is the idea behind the Relational Voter Program—an effort aimed at increasing the number of women voters through the power of personal relationships.

Indigo Trails

Stacey Bean built Indigo Trails, which offers mindfulness retreats, wellness nights, personal coaching and yoga (in a barn!).

Angels Loving Care

After earning her master’s degree in health administration, Julie Nowak launched her own caregiving business, Angels Loving Care, in 2014, and has seen the enterprise grow like wildfire.

Turning a Vocation into a Career

Successfully turning your talent into a prosperous career can be tricky. Salon owner Kati Whitledge shares the story of her own professional progression.

A Creative Ecosystem

CODAworx has been around for only five years yet has gained recognition among artists all over the world and will likely expand to serve international clients next year, says founder and CEO Toni Sikes.

Axios Life Coaching

Jara Rios founded Axios Life Coaching in 2016 and has expanded its offerings to include career-related and relationship-based coaching, as well as grief counseling.

The Fullness of Life After 50

So you’ve finally scaled your middle years and can see your future beyond the first half. There’s no reason to be a spectator. Dive in.

Maximizing Condo Style In Your Smaller Space

Decorating a condo can be daunting, especially if you’ve just downsized from a larger home. But this homeowner has found a way to make a practical space without skimping on personality.

When Home Is Where You Park It

Today more than ever, the experience of traveling the country in a RV stitches together timeless style, a generous community and the spirit of adventure.

Straight Talk on Shingles

They say things get better with age. A fine cheddar, or perhaps an artisanal wine. The varicella zoster virus though, not so much.

Toward Ending Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pervasive problem. In the Latino community, approximately 1 in 3 of Hispanic/Latina women have experienced physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime, according to the National Latin@ Network. 

Vicarious Tempo

Brought to the stage by an all-female creative team, the hit Broadway musical “Waitress” begins its first run in Madison July 24-29, 2018.

Keeping ‘the Whole Brain’ Healthy

Opportunities for continuing education abound in the Madison area— and even a bit farther afield. And, for seniors, some of these educational offerings are free or at a lower cost. So dive in and keep your mind aflight!

A Fierce Feminine POV

Madison Gas and Electric’s GENRE2030 new marketing campaign casts local female trailblazers as the protagonists in three cinematographic shorts.

What To Do After Calling It Quits

Retirement Life Coach Mary Helen Conroy says that instead of regarding retirement as the end of an era, you should view it as a new beginning.

Feast of The Field

Three years ago, Troy Community Gardens, the only CSA fully grown and operated within Madison city limits, decided to launch one more service for its members and its northeast neighborhood—wood-fired pizzas.

Making an Impact: Ruth Robarts

At their 2018 Community Volunteer Awards, the United Way recognized Ruth Robarts with a Distinguished Service award. Robarts, 71, has volunteered for the past eight years with the Literacy Network, teaching classes in English and citizenship.

Making an Impact: Mary Fulton

Mary Fulton, 69, was brought up with the value of standing up for justice. One might even say social justice work is in her blood.

Fine Wines

Micca Hutchins has a thing for good wine—especially wine from Southern France, made by family vintners with generations of experience.

An Eye for the Finer Things

Elegance and artful functionality define Susan Colby’s approach to life and her clothing design business, Avedon & Colby International Outfitters, her latest venture after a lifetime of design industry work for top-tier brands.

From Sedentary to A Spring in Her Step

The serene smile on Ellen Millar’s face as she teaches her Easy Yoga Plus class gives her away. She really loves leading the group of mostly seniors in yoga.

Giving History a Narrative

Patricia Sutton took an early retirement from teaching but found another way to continue influencing and inspiring young kids—through her writing.

Sassy Locks in the Later Years

Being 50+ doesn’t mean one’s sense of style has to fade. Be Inspired Salon lead stylist Jes Marvin encourages women to not let age hold them back from dramatically altering their hair.

Future Farmers of Wisconsin

Homestead Wisconsin is a farm-based infusion of Brit McCoy’s passions: landscape design, floral arrangement and cows.

Off The Beaten Path In Baraboo

By Megan Roessler | Photos Courtesy Josh Meyer Baraboo has an eclectic charm and a wealth of character. With scenic views and outdoor adventure,…

Fly Like A Bird

One BRAVA writer explores the newest yoga trend, acroyoga, at a workshop at The Studio.

English garden

Where Beauty is in Season

Mike Collins’ lush backyard garden in West Madison is part English garden, with its lilies and daisies, and part prairie garden, bursting with asters and coneflowers. And, there’s another whole section Collins calls a mosaic garden.

An Urban Oasis for The Community

On a quiet side street just a stone’s throw from the raucous Stoughton Road/ Highway 151 interchange is an oasis for thousands of people who live in a wide swath of East Side neighborhoods. Mostly kids come to the East Madison Community Center, but adults and seniors do, too.

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