Photos by Hillary Schave, Azena Photography and by Shanna Wolf


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Marni McEntee


Hometown: My average residence in any city has been about five years. But I definitely get my sense of place from Southern California. I spent my formative years in San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara and  L.A.
Street cred: I’ve been a print journalist since high school and spent most of my professional career on the word side of newspapers, including a 13-year stint overseas.  I’m so gratified to still be “in print” in the digital age, and at a vibrant publication to boot.
Family: My big man husband Doug and our green-eyed kitten Monkey.
How I get my kicks: In the outdoors, moving my body.
Hidden talents: I can whip a mean softball.
Best piece of advice someone ever gave me: Be kind.
Style obsession: Lately, maxi skirts.
Fave color: Sunflower yellow.
The one thing I have to do/see before I die: Every U.S. national park.
If I were an animal, I’d be: An elephant.
Fave Madison space: The view of downtown from John Nolan Drive.
Fave thing about working at BRAVA: Collaborating every day with driven, informed, funny and edgy women.

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Rachel Werner

Digital Editor
Hometown: Which one (& year)? I’ve spent the bulk of the past decade in Madison.. Does that count?
Street cred: Fitness instructor and trainer, freelance writer and blogger for the past three years.
Family: A darling kindergartener whom I absolutely adore—and you would, too, if you met her!
How I get my kicks: Running, reading, cooking, talking about and working on sustainable agriculture initiatives, growing vegetables, and learning about how various forms of alcohol can be made.
Hidden talents: Being a ballet dancer. I also can crochet a pretty decent scarf—or baby blanket.
Best piece of advice someone ever gave me: “Just let go, and let God.”
Style obsession: My hair. I change the color and style every few months.
Fave color: Blue. (all shades and variations, except teal)
The one thing I have to do/see before I die: Learn to surf.
On my phone, you’ll find the most pictures of my: My daughter and the food posts I create from my blog.
In the office, I’m the one who… Wants to start a compost bin.
Current obsessions: A book called “What If?” about preposterous scientific questions that a physicist attempts to answer with actual mathematical equations- and Paddle boarding.
Fave Madison events: Willy Street Co-ops annual “Eat Local Challenge,”.summer farmers markets
Fave Madison space: UW Arboretum; I run the trails many times a week.
Fave Madison cause/charity: REAP & Dane Buy Local
Call: (608) 572-8081
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Julia Richards

Assistant Editor
Hometown: Menomonie
Street cred: Masters in journalism from UW-Madison. I’ve written for Real Change News in Seattle, Wash. and Isthmus in Madison.
Family: 3-and-a-half-year-old son who loves books as much as I do.
How I get my kicks: Discussing an intriguing book, puttering around the garden, going for a long walk by a lake or in the woods.
On my phone you’ll find the most pictures of: My son, although most of them are blurry. 3-year-olds aren’t easy to photograph!
Best piece of advice someone ever gave me: “In the end all that matters is, how well did you love, how well did you live, how well did you learn to let go.”
Fave color: green
In the office, I’m the one who… Brings leftovers in a jar for lunch.
Fave Madison space: Olbrich Gardens
Fave Madison events: Fete de Marquette; Greek Fest
 Fave Madison cause/charity:  GSAFE; Community Action Coalition
Call: (608) 848-6707
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Ann Christianson

Art Director
Hometown: Stoughton, WI
Street cred: Owner of Radius Creative, designing and collaborating for the past 15 years.
Family: Married to a grumpy Norwegian; two rotten kids and one varmint.
Best piece of advice someone ever gave me: Listen = Silent
Motto I live by: If you say you can’t, you can’t.
In the office, I’m: …the one who has music on all the time and am tech support for all things MAC.
Out of the office, I’m: …on a bike.

Fave Madison spaces: Include The Wisconsin Historical Society Library, Dotty’s Dumpling Dowry, Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier and The Barrymore Theater.

Call: (608) 848-6710
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Ashley Duchemin

Director of Events

Hometown: Elkhorn, WI
Street cred: I graduated from the University of Wisconin – Eau Claire in May of 2008 and started working for Nei Turner Media Group in January of 2009. I am also the aquatics director/head coach for the local club swim team, Elkhorn Penguins.
How I get my kicks: Party Planning.
Best piece of advice someone ever gave me: Remember you’ll always regret what you didn’t do rather than what you did.
Fave color: Purple and Black
The one thing I have to do/see before I die:  The Eiffel Tower
On my phone, you’ll find the most pictures of my: My super cute nephews and niece
In the office, I’m the one who: is organized!
Current obsessions: Pinterest Cooking Recipes
Style obsession: Leggings and Yoga Pants
Fave Madison space: Madison Museum of Contemporary Art
Fave Madison cause/charity: Ronald McDonald House Charities and Gilda’s Club

Call: (262) 729-4471
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Gale Hellpap

Sales Executive

Hometown: I was born in West Allis and moved to Cedarburg in 5th grade. I love going back to visit family and friends in the Milwaukee area!
In the office I’m the one: Comes in with an armful of bags. Between my purse, computer bag, book bag and food bag, I don’t travel lightly!
Family: My husband and best friend, Andrew and our two littles, Trinity and AJ.
How I get my kicks:  Physical activity (Be it biking, running, yoga or sports, I love to stay active!); attending professional development or networking events; volunteering at church; hosting social gatherings with friends and family.
On my phone, you’ll find the most pictures of my: My kids, new recipes I’ve dabbled with and selfies at bike races or running events.
Motto I live by: Treat others as you wish to be treated.
Hidden talent:  I have a wicked good memory. I can meet a person once and tend to at least remember where and when we first connected. It even freaks me out sometimes! Also, random bits of knowledge; I’m a great teammate for trivia!
Fave color: I can never pick just one! I tend to lean towards jewel tones.
Favorite Madison Cause/Charity: Box of Balloons; Madison Area Parent Support (MAPS).
Fave project for BRAVA: I absolutely love the Thrive Career Series.
If I wasn’t working at BRAVA I’d be:  Starting my own non-profit organization.  My biggest challenging is figuring out which passion project to focus on!

Call: (608) 515-4896
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Jody Wisz

Sales Executive

Hometown: Born and raised in Beloit, WI. But have lived in Janesville for the past 14 years now.
In the office I’m the one who is: always cracking a joke and trying to make someone laugh
Family: My 18 year-old son, Dalton and 6 year-old daughter, Alyvia
How I get my kicks: Traveling, shopping, spending time outdoors, reading and spending time with my friends and family
On my phone, you’ll find the most pictures of my: Kiddos and my dog Buddy.
Motto I live by:  “Hold on. God knows what he is doing.”
Hidden talent: I love to dance and used to compete nationally when I was younger.
Fave color: PINK all the way!
Style obsession: Makeup. I love makeup and have way too much of it (but you didn’t hear that from me)!
Fave Madison events: Taste of Madison and the Dane County Farmer’s Market downtown.
Fave Madison space: Capitol Square.
Fave project for BRAVA: Women’s Expo. It is such a fun and uplifting event full of fabulous women!
The one thing I have to do/see before I die: A very long, extended vacation in Hawaii.

Call: (608) 295-7570
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Megan Tepe

Sales Executive

Hometown: I have several! I’m from St. Charles, IL but I also call Wausau home because I went to HS there.
In the office I’m the one: Who gets overly excited about sports. I’m a passionate fan of Chicago professional sports and the UW for college sports (must support my alma mater!)
Family: My wonderfully patient husband Jeremy and 2 amazing kids, Bridget and Jameson.
How I get my kicks:  Travelling, decorating, volunteering, chasing my kids to their sports events, reading and concerts.
On my phone, you’ll find the most pictures of my: My family or DIY project inspirations
Motto I live by: If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
Hidden talent:  Yard work. I can get down and dirty with the best of them. You should see my amazing lilies.
Fave color: Green- all shades!
Current obsession: Chandeliers. For every room.
Favorite Madison Events: Any UW sport, the Taste of Madison, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Frostiball, and any nice Farmer’s Market Saturday that is capped off by wandering down State Street, then spending a lazy afternoon at the terrace at Memorial Union.
Favorite Madison Cause/Charity: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Favorite Madison Space: I love the beauty and craftsmanship that went into the Capitol.
Fave project for BRAVA: All of them! But I particularly like meeting the amazing Women to Watch. So inspiring!
If I wasn’t working at BRAVA I’d be: A hand model for a TV jewelry channel. I could wear all the bling and never have to buy it. And probably still volunteering for a bunch of organizations. (I can’t say no to a great cause!)

Call: (608) 235-4107
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Shanna Wolf

Fashion Coordinator

Hometown: Wausau
Street cred: Expert in styling aesthetics and tailoring clothing to fit your personality, and many years of independent photography.
Current obsessions: Farm to Vase bouquets, Haribo black licorice candies, searching for my next vacation rental, Sonoma County wines.
Fave Madison events: Wisconsin Film Fest, Make Music Madison, Wisconsin Book Festival, Capital Brewery Dogtoberfest and the Dog Jog.
Style obsession: Smythe blazers, wedge sneakers, tunics and leggings, Rag and Bone booties, C. Alexandria jewelry, Lucite glasses.
Favorite food fix: Cut-out cookie from Bloom Bake Shop, mango curry from Ha Long Bay, the Porta Alba pizza from Porta Alba, anything from the case at Batch Bakehouse.
Favorite BRAVA project: Photographing for the Women to Watch issues, and pulling clothing and accessories from Madison boutiques for the spring and fall trend issues.
Motto I live by: Less stuff, more life.