Hear, See, Do


Each of us learns and understands the world around us in different ways, according to Vida Groman, a Madison counselor and expert in Perceptual Thinking Patterns, a model developed by educational psychologist Dawna Markova.

Five FIT Destinations


Is your fitness motivation in need of a refresh? There’s more than one way to put a body in motion and a fit vacation is an adventurous remedy to achieving wellness goals.

What’s In Your Sunscreen?


When I was a kid, sunscreen was seen as an option. Nowadays, I don’t dare go outside without sunscreen on my pale Irish skin. It’s an essential in the battle against skin cancer. But is there reason to worry about the chemicals in my sunscreen?

couple intimacy

Revelations in Closeness


Professor Linda Roberts of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and co-contributor to the intimacy model “Deep Intimate Connection: Self and Intimacy in Couple Relationships,” explains the complexities of connection while identifying three main components of deep intimacy.