Looking Back—and Racing Forward!

Women to Watch soiree

By Rachel Werner | Photographed by Hillary Schave

Tomorrow we’ll reveal the 18 female powerhouses who’ve been chosen as the 2019 Women To Watch. As their predecessors wait to celebrate and welcome the next group of women receiving this honor, several had a few words to share on the holistic impact being a W2W had on their lives:

“Being a W2W is an honor that’s exciting and scary. On the daily it’s a challenge to inspire, to be watch worthy and to encourage other women to shine.”

Laura Gmeinder, W2W 2018

“I was absolutely shocked! Totally surprised and honored to be named as a Woman To Watch. It started my year out with a bang! And I really launched from there!”

Emily Kuhn, W2W 2018

“I was under a kitchen sink installing a garbage disposal when my phone rang. After wrangling my way out of the cabinet, I listened to my message to find that I was nominated as one of the Women To Watch finalists. Being recognized as a W2W has helped me bring attention to the need of more people in the trade professions, especially the women.”

Melanie Lichtfeld, W2W 2017

“Being a W2W felt like a major milestone in my professional development. The public recognition for my accomplishments was both an honor and validating. It also gave me access to a very special group of W2W alumna who are so impressive and are powering great things in our community.”

Jennifer Javornik, W2W 2016

“Being a W2W was extremely motivating! Knowing that other women were following their passions—and here in support and solidarity of me pursuing my dream was inspirational. Plus, it helped me believe that I could achieve my goal to open a brewery!”

Erika Jones, W2W 2017

“I was honored to have our work at Maydm recognized on a larger scale.”

Winnie Karanja, W2W 2017

“Finding out was a real honor. A chance to share United Way’s work and invite others to join the fight for education, financial stability and health for everyone in our community.”

Renee Moe, W2W 2016

“It was such a wonderful honor! It meant big things for my career. But more than that, it highlighted the Women in Tech and the great work of the other organizations I’m involved with.”

Ashley Powell, W2W 2017

“I was very honored to be chosen as a BRAVA Women to Watch. It meant that I would be joining many women past, present and future whom I admire and respect. It also meant that I would be held accountable towards continual work to make not just my life, but those of others in our community, better.”

Corinda Rainey, W2W 2016

“It was humbling. It meant I would be in the company of incredible women who have been through their own struggles yet achieved a level of success driven by passion and inspiring others.”

Nia Trammell, W2W 2015

“I was honored to join a group of women that have been recognized for their contributions and thought leadership in Wisconsin. Disrupt Madison and Disrupt Milwaukee are an extension of my action to ignite and inspire ‘everyone’ to be the change they want to see in the world and in our workplaces.”

Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek, W2W 2018


Join us at the networking event of the year as we recognize the 2019 honorees during the Women to Watch Soiree on Jan. 29 at DreamBank Madison. bravamagazine.com/w2w


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