Sassy Locks in the Later Years

By Rachel Werner

Being 50+ doesn’t mean one’s sense of style has to fade. Be Inspired Salon lead stylist Jes Marvin encourages women to not let age hold them back from dramatically altering their hair. “My advice for older clients looking to step out of their ‘norm’ style, is go for it! If it’s something you’ve always thought about trying, or you’ve seen it on another person and loved it, try it out!” she says. “It’s just hair, if you are not in love with it, it will grow out, and if you do end up loving it (which you will) then it will become a part of who you are.”

And Marvin’s own grandmother Shirley Matt took the leap by adding vibrant pink streaks to thick tresses that flank her brow, a chic look for a still lively lady. Matt beams, “I was a little concerned about how other people would react, but decided I liked it and that was the most important thing. To my surprise and delight, I’m stopped often by people telling me how much they like it. Young, fabulous and all ages in between.”

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