Photographed by Shanna Wolf

About the Model:

FULL NAME: Yuliya Slesareva

AGE: 28

OCCUPATION: IT Engineering Consultant & Mixed Media Artist


Who or what is your fashion muse? 

I don’t have a physical person that’s my fashion muse, but I do have something that inspires me—travel. I travel a lot for work and for fun, and while discovering new cultures, I love to take elements from each and introduce them into my wardrobe.

When I was in South America I collected different-colored necklaces to add to more formal work outfits. After travelling to India, I came back with a whole array of different dresses and bright fabrics that I use to mix and match outfits for fun events. I am Russian by heritage so my closet is full of colorful scarves, bright coats and big hats. I think that bringing all these elements together in a way that works is my style—and that’s what inspires me. 

Share a personal budget shopping tip:

When I visit different American cities, I find local stores to browse for items I might love. I encourage everyone to walk into stores they typically wouldn’t—you never know what you might find!

What’s on your social platforms?

The last thing I posted on Instagram was a photo from a recent adventure trip to Zion National Park. Life is an adventure.

If you could keep one thing from the BRAVA shoot, it would be…

I loved everything! My favorite was definitely the floral dress from Luceo Boutique (gorgeous!) or the beautiful pale pink dress from H&M.


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