Create Your Dream House With Transformative Renovations

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From cabinet-making and manufacturing to kitchen — and now complete home — remodeling, Dream House Dream Kitchens has experienced their own transformation over the past few decades. It’s only fitting then, that today, Dream House specializes in home transformations created with your needs in mind.

It’s a three-phase process: design, selection and remodel,” explains Jerry Schmidt, director of sales. “And we’re there to walk you through each step, so you don’t get overwhelmed. That’s what we think sets Dream House apart — we do it all.”

Schmidt says their goal is to take a house from drab to awe-inspiring, while keeping with a timeless design — and staying true to the essence of the home.

If clients want to start with a single room, Schmidt says the kitchen is an obvious choice. “People spend a lot of time there. It’s the heart of the home,” he says. “And a remodel can create more space and improve a kitchen’s function.” To add even more intrigue to a room, he suggests changing the lighting with a “ceiling cloud” — a floating wood structure with LED lights above the island.

If you have a slightly older home with segmented rooms, your goal might be to create a more open concept throughout. “People often ask me about whether that’s good for resale,” he says. “Tearing down walls produces an amazing transformation — but don’t do it with the next person that may live there in mind.”

The most important consideration, according to Schmidt? “Do what’s right for your family because you’re the ones that live there now. Whatever you decide to do, do it for you.”

Remodeling this room in your home can make life even easier.

One of the most unexpected choices is your mudroom, but it can make a huge difference, says Director of Sales Jerry Schmidt. You pass through it several times a day, to drop your keys and hang your coat. Just adding hooks, shelves and counters provides a place to organize the things your family needs as you head out the door — and provides someplace other than the kitchen to drop your stuff when you get home.

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