Helping You Create Your Dream Home

As a well-known Madison business, you may be familiar with Dream Kitchens. However, Dream Kitchens is actually much more than kitchens. In fact, with all they do, Dream “House” might actually be a better description of what the company has to offer — not just in the kitchen, but throughout your entire home.

It all began more than 30 years ago when Keven Schmidt worked as a cabinet manufacturer in Oregon, Wis., making and selling cabinets. In the beginning, he offered design-driven cabinets for new homes. The scope and focus may have changed since then, but the company’s philosophy and reputation for quality definitely has not.

According to Keven’s son and sales director, Jerry Schmidt, the business actually does more remodels than new construction today. The progression occurred naturally as Dream Kitchens expanded into, well, the rest of the house.

He says they frequently remodel multiple rooms at once. “Kitchens often bleed into other areas of the house,” explains Schmidt, adding that some people plan ahead while others find that once they begin a major kitchen upgrade, those outdated cabinets and fixtures in other rooms are more obvious. “It’s often easier to do it all at once.”

Dream Kitchens offers a three-phase plan for your remodeling project. “We start with a design, move to product selection and follow-through with the actual remodel — all in-house,” he says.

“Quality is important to our customers and there’s an infinite way to make a product your own,” says Schmidt. You won’t get a cookie-cutter remodel with Dream Kitchens. “We suggest you bring in pictures of your top 5 to 10 ideas,” he says. “Then we discuss why you want to remodel. What do you want to change? The flow? The look? Or something else?

“Our focus is to provide everything all in one spot,” says Schmidt. “Not only do our services encompass every step from design through installation, we also work with you on each component, from lighting to flooring, countertops to hardware — and even appliances.

“People like dealing with just one team through the whole process,” explains Schmidt. It makes for a full-service, full-blown remodeling project — with no pressure on homeowners to do it all themselves. “We’ll make your whole process as fluid and easy as possible.”

Dream Kitchens
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