We shall eat cake!

sweet new patisserie

Instead of saying “Let’s go out for ice cream,” Madison Sourdough co-owners Andrew Hutchison and David Lohrentz want you to say “Let’s go for a slice of cake!”
This month you’ll have just the place to go. Madison Sourdough is expanding its Willy Street location to create a Paris-style patisserie.

The existing café focuses on bread, breakfast and lunch. The new shop will turn out upscale desserts like pretty pastel French macarons, lusciously layered opera cakes and gorgeous tarts (think buckwheat crust, citrus curd and a dollop of crème fraiche).
The space will also house a new grain mill, allowing the company to buy whole wheat and grind its own flour.

The partners hope families will stop by the elegant, modern space for dessert, but they will also create items for special occasions, including unique wedding cakes and croquembouche, a dazzling tower of choux pastry adorned with spun sugar.

-Anna Thomas Bates

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916 WILLIAMSON ST., MADISON • (608) 442-8009

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