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At our 2020 conference, attendees have the opportunity to register for an additional 15 minute one-on-one coaching session.

Own Your Money Coaching Series with Summit Credit Union

Summit Credit Union’s Project Money Coaches will work with you to answer your money questions on how to save more and reduce your debt to help you be more comfortable with money and gain financial confidence!

Melanie Ruelas
Branch Manager, Summit Credit Union

Melanie Ruelas is a Branch Manager at Summit Credit Union. She began working in the financial industry straight out of high school and has carried a passion for helping people become financially successful ever since. A Summit veteran of over a decade, she has held various positions throughout her tenure of nearly 12 years at Summit. Melanie is well acquainted with Project Money, Summit’s annual financial challenge. She was a financial coach for the program for two years and coached the season 9 and 10 winning teams by providing personalized strategies and resources to make impactful changes! Collectively, both teams saved more than $34,000 and reduced their debt by over $20,500. Outside of her role at Summit, Melanie has three active children in sports and stays busy with volunteering for various organizations. She is an active Cottage Grove Chamber member with a passion for traveling to all 50 states!

Sherry Johnson
Video Teller & Help Desk Manager, Summit Credit Union

Sherry Johnson is the Video Teller & Help Desk Manager at Summit Credit Union. She’s been working at Summit for more than 20 years in many different capacities, including as a teller, member service specialist, loan processor, loan closer, call center, IRA specialist, trainer, Sr. Financial Specialist and manager. She loves to help others find financial success and is invested in heling educate people on how to have healthier finances to reach their dreams. Sherry has also been a financial coach for Project Money, Summit’s annual financial challenge. She has coached teams in the program for two seasons and coached the season 7 winning team by providing strategy and financial guidance to help her team reduce their debt and increase their savings. Sherry’s teams saved more than $31,000 and reduced their debt by nearly $35,000!