Siri-ously Smart

From refrigerators that let you see inside without opening the door to video doorbells that show you who’s on the stoop, these smart home appliances capitalize on energy saving and home security.

Dine For Dollars

Foodie brand Epicurean Chronicles is raising funds through its EC Gives Back Program for Little John’s, a new “pay what you can” counter-service bistro piloted by Chef Dave Heide.


Instead of making the annual pact to actually make use of your gym membership, why not challenge yourself to something even more difficult this year? Wean yourself from social media.

Alison Helland: Paying it forward

In 2019, Helland is looking to pay it forward with the MarketReady Program, a local initiative focused on supporting entrepreneurs who have faced historic barriers to entry that are interested in becoming vendors at the Madison Public Market.