Presentation Information

Presentation Information


Design (and Build) Your Life

Soyeon Shim

When Soyeon Shim was a young girl growing up, at dinner every day her dad would ask his children if they had done anything to earn the food set before them. This challenge, and the sense of purpose it isntilled, has guided Soyeon ever since, helping her to design her life, prototype and build the kind of career and personal relationships that she needed to achieve happiness and fullfilment. She has learned first-hand that a successful design for living must balance personal and professional interests and nurture the collaborative bonds with family, friends and colleagues. During this keynote address, with design thinking as a framework, Soyeon will describe her ongoing life-design project and the lessons she learned along the path to achieving it.


Disrupt the Status Quo

Laura Gmeinder & Coreyne Woodman Holoubek

Women often hesitate to assert themselves as change agents due to a lack of confidence in their own ability or external pressures. But what does it take to push boundaries and disrupt the status quo? We are able to inspire change when we harness our inner leader and take purposeful action. During this high energy presentation, participants will be introduced to strategies to gain confidence, identify and break down barriers to create the right environment for disruptive thinking and discover their motivation to override doubt and take calculated risks to push the limits. Laura and Coreyne will share the shift that’s possible when you live your truth, embrace inspired change and disrupt the status quo.

Be Money Confident and Reimagine Life

Amy Crowe, Summit Credit Union

Learn to tap into courage to build money confidence through exercises and setting mindful intentions. Erase self-doubt and fear by changing your language around money so you can grow to your full potential. You will leave ready to bravely take action and step boldly into your authentic life.

From Pain to Power

Sagashus Levingston

Description coming soon!


Assertive Communications for Professional Women

Natalie DeMaioribus

Chimera® Self-Defense Designed for Women, a program of the Rape Crisis Center, unlocks the bold, balanced, confident, strong and healthy woman in all of us. In this workshop we will acquire and refine tools for effective interaction with our colleagues, supervisors, clients and more! This program is useful in everyday life and has the added benefit of preparing us to respond appropriately when confronted with a potentially dangerous situation.

Assertive communication is a cornerstone concept of the program, and our instructor will teach concrete, specific techniques, both verbal and non-verbal.

Participants will leave with increased confidence in their voice, their presence and their ability to set boundaries.

Awaken Your Potential

Megan Watt

We all having a calling, and our real job in life is to figure it out. Whether you feel certain about your purpose or are completely lost, together we will uncover our true potential and learn how to take the next right move toward achieving it. How many times have you been asked, what do you do? But when is the last you asked or answered, WHY you do what you do? Each of us has unique ways of bringing value to the world and in this session you’ll learn strategies to help you DISCOVER your PURPOSE and IGNITE IT. The time is now to focus on YOU and your journey!

Nature as Our Teacher

Sarah Young

We’ve all heard the term “force of nature.” The thing is, each of us is a force of nature—but rarely do we truly hear the lessons that nature has for us. During this interactive and thought-provoking session, we’ll explore the ways we can tune in, open up, and integrate the many lessons nature has for us. We’ll discover ways we can lean into nature to become more confident, to find our voices, and to more powerfully step into our leadership and our joy. We’ll explore the power of the divine feminine and learn to apply ancient wisdom to our modern, everyday lives.


Effective Strategic Planning

Melanie Schmidt

Successful strategy is an organization’s guiding light. It starts with an understanding of aim and frames your readiness for action. The more practical your strategy, the more powerful it becomes for your organization. This interactive session provides you with ways to advance the conversation, parameters for grounding your strategy in purpose, and techniques for bringing strategy to life in service of your mission.

B.O.S.S. – Believer of Serving Selflessly

Laneice McGee

We look for the light at the end of the tunnel, not realizing we are light for the tunnel. Servant leadership is about being confident in your ability to lead and share that leadership with others. Leadership is more about sharing the vision and less about directing it.

Strengths-Based Performance Feedback

Melanie Schneider

Performance feedback, if done right, has the potential to benefit employees in terms of individual and team performance. Utilizing a more constructive approach has the potential to enhance employee engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction. You will leave with nine research-based recommendations on how to deliver effective performance feedback employing a strengths-based method.


Brand Strategy on a Budget

Amber Swenor

Every business has the potential of becoming a brand, no matter your budget. In this interactive workshop we’ll cover what it means to transition from business to brand, and you’ll learn the top techniques for building your brand, for little to no cost. Tactics include public relations techniques, building your brand as a thought-leader, social media and more. The workshop is designed for business owners and marketers at all stages who want to become empowered in marketing without the high cost. The workshop teaches the practical steps for implementing marketing strategies through real life examples, collaboration and a take-home workbook so that participants can start taking action immediately.

How to Activate Your Brand for Growth

Jocelyn Vande Velde

For the solo-preneur, small business owner, retailer or corporate player, brand activation strategy is all the same–just scaled different. You don’t need mega bucks to make big impact in converting marketing tactics to sales. Let me show you a path that includes how to 1) be discovered, 2) build community, 3) leverage your expertise and 4) grow sales through service. All of this should lead to the very best and most cost effective marketing–word of mouth. Many tactics are extremely low cost and fun, but they require a plan. You will walk away with a road map and numerous, actionable ideas to explore in your own endeavors and build the ultimate consumer experience.

Entrepreneurial Start-Up Panel

Moderated by Summit Credit Union

Women entrepreneurs are leading with head and heart, creating innovative ventures that solve real world problems while empowering women and communities locally and abroad. But seeding and growing our ventures can be challenging in a funding environment that favors traditional business models. Join co-hosts Summit Credit Union and the Doyenne Group’s Heather Wentler along with special guest panelists Alex Lindenmeyer and Sinéad McHugh, Co-Owners of Madison’s Short Stack Eatery, to explore the balance between mission and money and viable ways to sustain and scale your enterprise.


Guided Meditation

Betsy Delzer

This compassion practice will start your day with intention, so you can live and thrive from the heart.

Let’s Try Knot-Working


30 minutes of fun and games so you can meet, greet, laugh, and learn while you build connections and community! Let THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES co-founders, Megan A.C. Boswell and Corinne Neil, lead you through five quick activities that make networking feel like ‘know-working’ – their catch-phrase for creating ties that lift and link women in an atmosphere of community, collaboration and connection.

Professional Headshot Mini-Session

Shanna Wolf

Professional head shot mini sessions available during the THRIVE conference include:

  • Ten minute session shot on location at the Edgewater Hotel
  • Private preview album emailed to you for review
  • Select your favorite image and receive a high resolution fully edited jpeg (additional images may be purchased for a small charge)

Session Cost: $35

Secure your session time early by emailing or book the day of the conference.