Presentation Information

Presentation Information


The Power of Funny Women!

Dina Nina Martinez

Funny women have always been feared by men. It means we’re smart, so yes fear us. Be in awe of us. Humor is a powerful tool that helps us cope, transcend differences and reach great heights. A weapon to have in your arsenal, a device to make the deal, and the greatest way to resolve conflict. How do we find strength in humor when we’ve been told that we’re not funny? When we’ve been told that you’ll never make it in this industry? We become funnier and more powerful.


Innovation: Collaborate to Compete

Ann Garvin

Despite more women than ever in entrepreneurial, scientific, technical or artistic careers, more of them are also exiting these fields — unfulfilled and under-appreciated. Leadership positions and accolaids continue to be male-dominated, leaving most opportunities for success gender-imbalanced in a way that not only discourages and drives away ambitious women and fosters underperformance. There’s a better way for women to break barriers and achieve personal and professional goals. This presentation will discuss inherent strengths that woman take for granted that can disrupt the status quo and provide an example of where and how it worked.

Do I Matter? Thriving with Purpose 

Mary Helen Conroy

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked, “Do I Matter?” Daily we’re caught in the fray of expectations, responsibilities, conflicts and the craziness of life. It’s difficult to know what the answer is to this question of mattering.

The presentation will examine the good, the bad and the ugly, the scary and sad, and the awesomeness of building our lives that truly matter. Through popular culture, great stories and even a recipe for mattering, the audience will be leave with strategies for showing others and themselves that they matter.


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Staying Positive Around Negative People

Tina Hallis

Don’t let the negative people in your workplace or life drain your energy and bring you down! Learn how to build your immunity so you can reduce your stress and increase your happiness.

If you’re ready to reclaim your power from the negativity of others, this workshop will not only put you on the right path, it will break down that path into simple ideas you can quickly apply in your busy life. Tina has interviewed experts and dug into the insightful research from positive psychology and neuroscience on this topic and condensed it into critical points that are easy to use.

Beginning Storytelling

Jen Rubin

In this one hour class, participants will learn how to find, shape and present stories. We will discuss the five main elements to a story and how to discover them. By learning dynamic storytelling elements, you will gain the tools to pull short stories out of everyday life. Participants will learn how to turn an anecdote of something that happened to you into a story that illuminates a central truth about your life. This will be an interactive workshop with a mixture of mini lecture, 1:1 dialogue, small group work and presentations.

RE-WIRE:Surviving to Thriving in 6 Steps

Betsy Koepke

Would you like to learn how to shift your lifestyle from “hamster wheel” surviving to enjoyable thriving? Attend this interactive exercise where you will explore your relationship with your most precious resource: TIME. Identify ways to “invest” your time rather than “spend” it so that you can begin to experience a work/life/play balance that allows you to feel more alive, fulfilled, and energized.


Take YOUR Brand to the Bank

Katrina Cravy

Boost Your Executive Presence and Communicate with Confidence!
You’re smart, driven, and good at what you do. But that alone won’t be enough to score you a promotion or a corner office.
Find the bigger YOU and how to communicate with confidence to inspire your colleagues and customers.
For those of you already in the corner office – do you like speaking in public or doing media interviews?
If you’re sweating just thinking about it, this talk is for you.
Open the gift of your true voice and what Katrina can bring to your career.

Creating Meaningful and Successful Events

Ann Imig

Learn tips and tricks from LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER founder Ann Imig for creating meaningful local events that attract audience, collaborators and sponsors alike. Learn how to engage and energize your attendees, while building community, and attracting attention from the press along the way. Ann is an award-winning event creator/producer and talent, who has coached women across the country to do the same while earning numerous local and national broadcast and print features.

Money Feng Shui – Unclutter Your Life to Attract Wealth

Amy Crowe, Financial Education Specialist at Summit Credit Union

Do you have positive money energy or are negative money messages blocking your potential? Join Amy Crowe, Summit Credit Union Financial Education Specialist, to learn tips, tools, advice and gain support for creating more intentional money habits to build wealth and invite abundances into your life. The interactivity and exercises will get you reflecting and give you time to create steps toward change. Rid yourself of money disorder to attract good energy and flow so you can shift your lifestyle and own your money.


Survival Tips for Entrepreneurs

Melissa Blettner

Ask most people what their dream job would be and one of the most common answers it seems would be able to make your own schedule, create your own success and be your own boss. To do this it takes discipline and some very specific skills. During this presentation, you will learn 6 Survival Tips for the Female Entrepreneur.

Develop Confidence as You Start & Grow

Summit Credit Union

Living in the often uncomfortable, but exciting space of starting or growing your business? Join Summit Credit Union during this session as we help you develop confidence, overcome fear and equip you with new knowledge to advance your business forward.


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Professional Headshot Mini-Session

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Professional head shot mini sessions available during the THRIVE conference include:

  • Ten minute session shot on location
  • Private preview album emailed to you for review
  • Select your favorite image and receive a high resolution fully edited jpeg (additional images may be purchased for a small charge)

Session Cost: TBA

Secure your session time early by emailing the Event Director or book the day of the conference.