5 Tips to Stay Focused on Your Fitness This Holiday Season

November and December are a whirlwind for many. Don’t let the holiday hustle and bustle knock you off your wellness game. Let’s tackle the top holiday obstacles with a dash of practical advice and a sprinkle of fun to stay focused on your fitness this season.

Obstacle 1: Merry Mayhem

Solution: Embrace Time Management like a Pro!

  • Schedule your workouts on your calendar. Treat them as non- negotiable appointments and show up with bells on!
  • Don’t want to create a workout plan? Join group fitness classes or get a personal trainer — just show up for the sweat-fueled party.
  • Even on the busiest days, carve out ten minutes for a brisk walk or body- weight exercises like pushups, planks and squats.

Obstacle 2: Traveler’s Woes

Solution: Make Fitness Your Trusty Travel Companion!

  • Jump into a virtual Les Mills fitness class, FREE for Princeton Club members! Work out at your convenience anywhere your holiday adventures take you.
  • Pack resistance bands — they’re lightweight, fit in your luggage and ensure you keep building muscle even on the go.
  • Make your road trip pit stops at grocery stores for healthy snacks, and pack nutritious eats for your flights to steer clear from processed junk food during your travels.

Obstacle 3: Calendar Chaos

Solution: Steady Your Routine with Consistency!

  • Begin your day with a protein-packed breakfast.
  • Keep your wake-up and bedtime as steady as the North Star. Your body loves predictability (and sleep!), even during the festive chaos.
  • Safeguard your workouts by literally scheduling them in your calendar. You can even pair cardio workouts with all those new holiday movies!

Obstacle 4: A Treat Wonderland

Solution: Create a Balancing Act — Prioritization and Moderation!

  • Start with nutrient-rich meals with whole foods before venturing into treat territory.
  • Yes, treat yourself! Decide on the ideal serving size before indulging to prevent the all-too-easy grazing of the dessert table.
  • Create healthier versions of your favorite dishes for gatherings. Savor your favorite foods at every event without compromising your health with simple ingredient swaps in recipes.

Obstacle 5: FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Solution: Overcome FOMO by inviting family and friends INTO your workout!

  • Reimagine your workouts as a chance to include your loved ones. Invite them to share the joy of weightlifting, group fitness classes or leisurely walks with you. The more the merrier!
  • Strengthen bonds while you strengthen your body. Take on fitness challenges together and create lifelong changes together.

Let your wellness be a gift to yourself, intentionally crafted and wrapped with care. Identify the obstacles you may face, set a game plan and get ready to sleigh your way through the holidays. #ForABetterTomorrow

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