Remodel Your Kitchen or Bath to Fit Your Style

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all those decisions involved with remodeling. But according to Shannen Nelson, designer at Waunakee Remodeling, the key is creating a space that works for you — and makes you happy.

“With the rise of home makeover shows and endless ideas online, there’s so much information,” she says. “You realize how much you can do to make your space unique to your taste — it doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s.”

While kitchens and baths are very different, some components of trends do cross over between the two — especially colors, style and materials. White cabinetry with shaker doors is still in style, but with a little more variety. Painted neutrals and darker jewel tones like navy and deep emerald, alongside natural or lightly stained woods are popular.

And don’t be afraid to mix and match within the same room. In a bathroom you might pair a painted vanity along with stained wood floating shelves. Or a kitchen might feature a stained wood perimeter with a painted island — or different colors on the base cabinets than on the wall cabinets. More color is also showing up in fixtures and cabinet hardware — with brushed golds, and matte black becoming popular.

Several flooring and counter trends are common to both kitchen and bath. You’ll see a lot of luxury vinyl tile and plank. But don’t worry. It’s come a long way since the old sheet vinyl — in durability, texture and appearance. And with its wide variety of colors and textures, quartz remains the most popular countertop. Both can be found at cost- effective price points.

“In kitchens, you may be surprised to find that appliance garages are making a comeback,” says Nelson, “But now they’re used to store smart devices and hubs for laptops and tablets. Their rising popularity is due to all the smart devices and technology that are part of our daily lives these days.” And in place of the old accordion-style doors, you’ll find standard doors that hinge left, right or up — blending seamlessly with surrounding cabinets.

Unsure where to start? “Remodeling a kitchen is a great place to begin,” Nelson says. “It’s the most ‘public’ area of the home, with more traffic — which adds resale value as well.” And with the large number of people working from home, Nelson says it’s also sparked requests at Waunakee Remodeling to create a small kitchen workspace. As the “heart” of the home, the design and material here can set the tone for the rest of your house. Choose what makes you happy.

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