Yumbutter's Nourishing Mission
By Julie Andrews

REFERRED TO AS “POTIONS” by creators Matt D’Amour and Adrian Reif, Yumbutter nut and sunflower spreads are filled with more than organic and fair trade ingredients. The co-founders are on a mission to change the world one sustainable concoction at a time by making Yumbutter the world’s most responsible food company —based right here in Madison.


The initial months of the business involved a food processor, organic nuts and sheer determination before D’Amour and Reif introduced their product to local vendors in 2010. Although almond butter is their best seller, peanut, cashew and sunflower seed butters are also in their repertoire. Their latest flavors include chocolate espresso peanut butter and plant protein-infused almond butter.


Through “holistic responsibility,” a term the duo coined, Yumbutter crafts creations that are “clean, fun and fair; encourage holistic health; expand global social compassion; and support organic, responsible growers by nurturing a more ethical food supply.” Also via its Buy One, Feed One program, each nut butter sale helps fund a Guatemala-based group that feeds malnourished children. The goal:  feed two million children by 2017.


D’Amour and Reif also have crafted their own line of all-natural nut butters with superfood add-ins, such as chia, hemp seed, goji berries and—most recently—probiotics. “We don’t make Yumbutter to make more money for ourselves,” the pair says. “It’s a means of creating a sustainable-revenue vehicle that fuels positive change in the world, and creates winwin partnerships for everyone involved.”

Yumbutter is available at Willy Street Co-op, Whole Foods, Copps, Metcalfe’s and online at


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