Gifts From Your Hands—And Heart

Four Books to Help Guide Your Crafting
By Hatheway Rawlinson

Everyone appreciates a personalized gift crafted from the heart. You can learn how to make a variety of thoughtful, beautiful and fun presents by following the instructions in these useful books.

Rubber Band Glam
By Christina-Friedrichsen, Emily Truman and Madeline Truman

Learn to make 25 different bracelets by following the clear instructions in this book, which breaks down complex patterns into a series of simple steps. Kids and adults alike can join in the fun while learning how to weave, braid, loom and pattern bracelets, key chains, hair clips, earrings and pendants. Wrap a flashy coin purse to put under the tree or customize a design to a pair of fishtail dangling earrings. And, after the holidays are over, you can make some for yourself! The book also gives suggestions on how to best sell your own jewelry if, in fact, this is your life calling.

Charm Love Friendship Bracelets
By Sherri Haab

From textured beads to pearly charms, learn how to make 35 eclectic bracelets. You’ll find instructions for baking personalized beads from polymer clay and learn how to macrame, knot and braid the bands. Haab offers a diversity of styles, mediums and colorants so you can sculpt, mold, texturize and finally bake their own beads to suit the recipient.

The author walks us through all the steps, from the rolling sheets to the essential knotting techniques and how to layer self-designed charms. Your friends will love a gift created especially with them in mind.

Complete Photo Guide to Knitting
By Mary Scott Huff

This guide is a good fit for the whole family to expand its language of knitting—from learning how to cast on to how to purl, bind off or branch out. Maybe frogging is even in the mix. Or tinking, knitting in a round and retrieving a lost stitch. Try using yarn or a knitted fabric or learn how to gauge, fiber ply, twist and block. The stitches almost sound like dance moves, right?

It also breaks down the proper way to count stitches and rows. Make felted coasters, slippers, scarves, dog sweaters, heck, even kitty ears! Find your knitting community and spread the joy.

The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet
By Deborah Burger

This book is suitable for both adults and kids to learn this enduring art form, teaching a variety of crochet techniques, including the slipknot and chain stitch. It starts with the basics, and then adds challenges as you improve your crochet practice. Learn single crochet rounds in all mediums, shapes and textures. Crochet a belt, or triangle pillow, a beanie, trinkets or a drawstring bag. Make a felted phone pocket, winter mitts or a “howl” which is a combination of a hat and cowl. The sky’s the limit!



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