Meet 2018 Fall Fashion Model

Interviewed by Samantha Georgson | Photo credit: Hillary Schave

Name: Jeanne Pluemer

Age: 44

Occupation: Meeting, Convention and Event Management


Q: Who’s your fashion icon? 

A: Queen Latifah.  She’s always rocked the varied looks she wears and at every age. Plus she’s a boss!

Q: Preferred way to accessorize? 

A: Statement earrings or necklaces. They add a splash of personality and make any outfit look polished.

Q: What’s your fave vendor? 

A: Macy’s or Rent The Runway. I like to go to a store to try stuff on, but also enjoy going out on a limb and renting something that I think my husband would love to see me wear on date night—or to Frostiball.

Q: What’s one “out-dated” fashion trend you would bring back into style? 

A: Big, hair-sprayed hair. I was a child of the 1980’s and 1990’s…Need I say more?

Q: What’s your life philosophy? 

A: “Yes, please”, which is tattooed on the inside of my arm to remind me to embrace life and to keep growing by saying ‘yes’ to new people, places, processes, experiences and concepts.

Q: What was your favorite part about doing this BRAVA photo shoot? 

A: I was delighted to model clothing from designers who have embraced the fuller figure. Health and self-love has been—and will be—a life-long journey for me and I’m proud to have been a part of this shoot!

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