Saints Madison Juice's Refreshing Sips

By Julie Andrews | Photographed by Sunny Frantz

Joanna (Jo) Um and Joyce Cullen, owners of Saints Madison Juice Company, are squeezing fruits and veggies to help others optimize their health.  “It’s really cool to be a part of the movement to being more mindful of what we’re consuming,” Um explains. “It’s brought so much value to our lives and to be able to share that with our customers and our community is pretty great.”


Cullen and Um opened the doors to their brick and mortar cold-pressed juice store in October 2017.  “Keeping it raw and maintaining the integrity of the fruits and vegetables is really important to us,” says Cullen. Juice ingredients are sourced from Raleigh’s Hillside Farm in Brodhead, Wisconsin.  Some of their most popular concoctions include Prophe-See with carrot, apple, ginger and lemon, plus their green juices like Radiant and Gateway.  “We like to keep things fresh and versatile; there are so many flavor profiles out there to explore and we don’t want to get in a rut,” says Um.


“Juice shouldn’t be overly processed, just extracted from whole fruits and vegetables,” says Cullen.  As a physical therapist, health and nutrition has always been a priority to Cullen. Um, as a fashion designer, understands the need for an on-the-go nourishing product that can serve as a convenient beverage, meal or snack.  To them, juice just felt right. And their handcrafted, non-pasteurized juices are inspired by foods and beverages sampled during their travels. “It was a lot of trial and error and tweaking until we got it just how to we wanted it,” Um says.


“Joyce and I grew up with really strong work ethics and we are both naturally driven,” states Um. “I’m inspired by Joyce and her passion to be successful and the best she can be; she’s the best business partner and an all-around great human. She’s like a super woman”.  Cullen has similar sentiments. “I feel the same way about Jo; two halves make a whole,” she exclaims. “This brand is a true reflection of our personalities!”

Saints Madison Juice Company produces, bottles and sells its wares at 821 Williamson St. To find additional retailers, visit

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