Become Thoughtfully Fit

Life coach Darcy Luoma shows you how
By Meg Rothstein

Craving happiness and fulfillment in work and in life? The power is in you! Attendees at BRAVA’s June THRIVE Career Workshop were treated to immediately applicable self-coaching techniques courtesy of Darcy Luoma’s workshop titled Thoughtfully Fit: Coach Yourself to a Life You Love.

Luoma, owner and President of Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting, is a professional speaker, national leadership expert and life coach. She spent the last couple of years developing the Thoughtfully Fit self-coaching model and created two workshops for BRAVA to cover the topic.

What’s behind Thoughtfully Fit? In its inception, Luoma and her team examined research gleaned from thousands of hours of personal, executive and organizational coaching clients. They asked: What led people to seek help via coaching? What seemed to get in the way of greater happiness and stronger connections?

Luoma’s team identified two specific areas where the obstacles arose: Internal (mindset, how you’re showing up, internal saboteurs) and External (relational conflict with others, poor reactions, being triggered).

Further, her team observed that when clients began to recognize they can’t change others but absolutely can control themselves, clients found that their relationships improved. Happiness and wellbeing dramatically increased. Luoma developed a framework around these findings and Thoughtfully Fit was born.

To understand what’s involved in becoming Thoughtfully Fit, Luoma asks us to first think of athletic performance. You would never realistically expect to be physically fit without exercise, proper hydration and adequate sleep. In this same vein, there are equally critical components to becoming Thoughtfully Fit: Building an intentional practice of mindfulness in your interactions— both with yourself and with others. Central to Thoughtfully Fit is the philosophy that you truly do have control over your life— what you think and how you choose to show up. How well you do it depends on your training.

In Luoma’s first workshop, participants explored the three internal components of Luoma’s model: stillness (quieting the mind), strength (showing up consciously) and endurance (overcoming obstacles). Additionally, attendees performed a bit of circuit training, practicing the critical “Pause-Think-Act” core strengthening program of Thoughtfully Fit within each Internal component through dynamic group training, solo reflection and vibrant discussion practices.

Join Darcy Luoma as she returns to present the second part of the workshop: Thoughtfully Fit: Leading Within Your Relationships, where you’ll learn dynamic self-coaching techniques around the three external components of being Thoughtfully Fit: flexibility, agility and balance.

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