Presentation Information

2020 Conference: Presentation Information


Pause. Think. Act: Build Your Thoughtfully Fit® Core

Presented by Darcy Luoma
When you are physically fit and have a strong core, activities are easier. When you build your Thoughtfully Fit® core – which is to Pause. Think. Act – life feels easier. Learn how to be more thoughtful in every action, reaction and interaction so you have more energy for what you want, instead of having to deal with conflict and regret that happens when you aren’t thoughtful. Walk away with new skills to use immediately that will help you thrive at work and home.


Love Your Money, Strategies for Building a Strong Relationship that Leads to Financial Wellness

Amy Crowe, Financial Education Specialist, Summit Credit Union

Our finances touch all aspects of our lives from our career and family, to our social lives and our emotional wellbeing. Join Amy Crowe, Summit Credit Union Financial Education Specialist to learn tips and techniques to determine your current relationship with money. Plus identify how to strengthen it, so you can reach your financial goals and dreams.

Thrive in Life’s Daring Adventure: You’re not done yet.

Mary Helen Conroy, Life’s A Daring Adventure
We’re all seeking permanence in a world that is constantly changing. We walk across a stage and hope our degree will make us important to the world. We move into a new house and call it our forever home until we move again. We divorce and think we’ll never love again. And through it all, we may feel out of control. But it’s important to recognize that life is a spiral—and it just happens that’s life coach Mary Helen Conroy’s favorite symbol. Join her in this inspiring talk where she’ll encourage you to take control of your own spiral and recognize that you can spiral out of control, spiral downward or even spiral upward! The key is motion. Are you ready to keep moving?






Thoughtfully Managing When You’re Not the Manager

Jill Mueller, Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting

As more organizations move away from traditional hierarchies and towards cross-functional teams and short-term projects, it’s more important than ever for all employees to have a wide variety of tools to achieve desired outcomes. This interactive workshop will provide specific strategies to increase your influence so you can thoughtfully manage projects and people up, down, and sideways.






Professional Headshot Mini-Session

Shanna Wolf

Professional head shot mini sessions available during the THRIVE conference include:

  • Ten minute session shot on location
  • Private preview album emailed to you for review
  • Select your favorite 2 images and receive high resolution fully edited jpegs (additional images may be purchased for a small charge)

Session Cost: $40

Secure your session time early by emailing the Event Director.