Presentation Information

Presentation Information

Please note that this information is from the 2017 event.  Check back soon for information on our April 2018 conference!


Forget Work/Life Balance—Find Flow

Shilagh Mirgain

You have the potential to do magnificent things. Are you achieving what’s possible? In our scheduled lifestyles we can mistakenly seek balance as the pathway to success—only to become frustrated and overwhelmed. This workshop offers new skills that cultivate a sense of flow, the state of living completely in the moment and experiencing increased happiness, wellbeing, creativity and productivity. Drawing from the fields of mindfulness and psychology this experiential discussion will examine how finding the current of your life’s flow allows your best life to grow. You’ll gain peak performance strategies to thrive, learn to manage your energy instead of your time and more.


Personal Branding for Professional Growth

Ellen Bartkowiak

If you haven’t taken the time to solidify your personal brand, now is the time! This session will focus on the importance of personal branding, the basic formula for creating your brand and how to implement it. Learn how your brand will help empower you for the next phase in your career—the promotion, the career change or the entrepreneurial leap.

Penny by Penny, Create the Life You Want

Amy Crowe

Struggling with finding the money to live an authentic life and reach the goals you secretly desire? Find out how our spending habits, emotions and the stories we tell ourselves prevent us from taking steps forward. Learn how the “every penny needs a home” strategy can make big changes in your financial and personal life. Amy’s session will help you match your spending to what you value, lean in to your emotions and tell positive stories, and save for multiple things at once. You’ll also learn to check‐in, evaluate and change your numbers, and step boldly to embrace your money power.

Transform Your Life With Healthy Boundaries

Jessica Schultz

Healthy boundaries are one of the most powerful and influential aspects of our lives. When held correctly, they facilitate change and growth within ourselves and our relationships, leading to deeper, safer connections. But, when too strict or too loose, we lose touch with our self-worth and struggle to fulfill our destinies. In this session you’ll explore the invisible barriers that exist between yourself and others, consider the origins of your boundaries and identify your style of boundary setting. You’ll also explore your sense of self, discover your boundary issues and develop healthier boundaries toward total life transformation.


Connecting to Your Creativity | Unleash Your Inner Wisdom

Theresa Kim

We all have a hamster wheel in our head that spins around with thoughts of self-criticism, doubts, comparisons and old tapes of who we think we are supposed to be. When we quiet those repetitive negative thoughts, we can hear and tap into our own inner wisdom, a voice filled with grace and certainty. Creativity can pause those self-notions and unleash our wisdom. This hands-on workshop will take you on an artistic journey in a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment that lets you play with and embrace your creativity as a tool for tapping into the clarity of your wisdom. No expertise required!

Holistic Stress Management and Self Care

Sheba McCants

In this interactive workshop, you will explore the effects of stress on your body and mind and reflect on where stress shows up in your life—your work, family, relationships, finances, health or all of the above. Through a series of activities, from movement to mindfulness, and thought-provoking discussion, you’ll discover a powerful set of simple tools and practical strategies for practicing holistic self-care, managing stress and living in balance.

Designing the Life You Want to Live

Ann Garvin

The steps to sustainable reinvention come with evaluation, patience and practice. Through this workshop’s series of exercises you will evaluate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, and decide what is and isn’t working in your life. The new awareness you gain will help you create a vision for your future that includes more of what you want and less of what others want for you. Designing the life you want to live is a process, one that can start here.


Exploring and Addressing Generational and Cultural Biases in the Workplace

Deborah Biddle

Unconscious biases are a fact of life. Everyone has them—and takes them into the workplace. We make determinations about what is real every moment of every day. Unconscious or implicit biases in the workplace can stymie diversity, recruiting and retention efforts, and unintentionally shape an organization’s culture. These biases can distort talent and performance reviews. They affect who gets hired, promoted and developed—and thereby unwittingly undermine the organization. These biases also can affect relationships in many arenas of family and community life. In this session, you will explore ways to examine and address implicit bias and its impact upon individuals, your organization and other spheres of personal and professional influence.

Confident Communications | Creating a Positive & Effective Workplace

Susan Young

Are you ever irritated, frustrated or stressed out by poor communication? Does your team play well together or is reaching agreement always a struggle? Is avoiding confrontation easier than dialogue? Do you wish the people in your life (at work and home) would connect with you on more meaningful levels? Whether you seek to unify your team, create a more positive workplace, increase sales or deliver better customer service, your communication skills are crucial to your success. In this workshop you’ll learn to avoid communication roadblocks; deliver clear, succinct and effective messages; improve inquiry, listening and appreciation skills; and ultimately build your confidence and credibility.

Strategic Mentorship, Career Coaching and Sponsoring

Tania Ibarra & Lisa Peyton-Caire

Mentorship, career coaching and sponsorship play important roles in advancing women and underrepresented populations to leadership roles. This workshop will highlight the differences between these approaches, as well as the differences between how women and men approach them. You’ll learn to assess your need for each, the effectiveness of your current approach to them and develop an action plan for implementing them into your career and workplace.


From Start-Up to Funded: Winning the Cash You Need to Launch Your Entrepreneurial Dream

Summit Credit Union & The Doyenne Group

Women are staking their claim and pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams like never before. From home-based businesses, online shops, to brick and mortar enterprises, there is no limit to the possibilities. But as with all start-ups, poor planning or insufficient capital can sidetrack even the best of business ideas. Join Summit Credit Union and the Doyenne Group for a nuts and bolts power session on moving from start-up to sustainably funded. Uncover the essential elements of a strong business plan and preparing a winning “loan package” that boosts your chances for securing launch money. Attendees will walk ready to build a business that’s made to last.

Working Solo, Not Silo


In the next 10 years, 50 percent of the U.S. workforce will work as independent consultants, operating their own businesses, working remotely, marketing their own skills and talents and hunting for work. Are you ready? If your career is headed in this “gig” economy direction, this workshop with Megan Boswell and Corinne Neil, co-founders of The Jills of All Trades, a women solopreneur networking platform, makes the process less daunting. They will offer you invaluable solopreneur tips and tactics—including creating community and building connections, shaping your personal brand, self-promotion skills—and share the joys of working independently.

Harness Your Authentic Power

Adrianne Machina

Powerful marketing comes from tapping into your passion. It’s a hot topic: National speakers and researchers like Brené Brown are promoting the value and influence of authenticity, transparency and vulnerability on success. Learn how to apply these concepts to market your business in a way that allows you to “be real” and professional at the same time, and to tell stories that resonate with your audience and attract clients who fill your soul—as well as your business’ bank account.


Learn to Meditate

Bekah Gant

Meditation and mindfulness are popular buzzwords right now, but what do they have to do with enriching and empowering an already impassioned life? Slowing down seems antithetical to achieving dreams, but in reality, it provides a framework on which to build dreams and to achieve success – whatever success looks like to you. Understanding your “why” leads to depth and uniqueness in your career, business, goals, and relationships, and awareness empowers you to make the best decisions to thrive in the way you wish. Learn how meditation, mindfulness, and slowing down accomplish this with practical tips for incorporating mindfulness into your busiest days, and a guided meditation that accesses your innate power.

Speed Networking

Megan Watt

In this highly interactive speed networking event, you’ll join fellow attendees to make new connections, learn how to move your ideas forward and develop win-win relationships.

Professional Headshot Mini-Session

Shanna Wolf

Professional head shot mini sessions available during the THRIVE conference include:

  • Ten minute session shot on location at the Edgewater Hotel
  • Private preview album emailed to you for review
  • Select your favorite image and receive a high resolution fully edited jpeg (additional images may be purchased for a small charge)

Session Cost: $35

Secure your session time early by emailing or book the day of the conference.

Run for Office

Emerge Wisconsin’s Erin Forrest

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, get the facts about running for office. Hear the current state of women’s representation in government, why women need a seat at the table, why women aren’t running in the same numbers as men and–perhaps most importantly–what we can do about it!