THRIVE Luncheon Series | 2017

2017 THRIVE Luncheon Series

Inspiring keynote speakers focus on personal enrichment topics that encourage you to live your life with intention – and THRIVE.

Sheraton Madison Hotel | 11:45 AM-1:00 PM
Individual Luncheons – $35
Complete Luncheon Series – $99

October 19, 2017 | The Power of Resilience
Gail Ford

When life gives you lemons, how quickly do you turn them into lemonade? Do you want to harness the power of resilience to shorten the gap between tragedies to triumphs? It can be easy to get stuck and lose your true self in unfavorable circumstances that show up in your life. Hard times aren’t meant to derail us from our destiny, but rather to propel us toward it.

In this power hour Gail will share her unconventional path through turbulent times, and reveal simple steps to help you move forward resiliently. You’ll learn to leverage life’s low points to thrust you forward, shake the victim mentality and use the power of love, affirming language and the right actions to actualize your dreams.

About Gail:
Mrs. Gail Ford was born and raised in Detroit one of eleven siblings. Her nontraditional upbringing with limited resources pushed her to claim her power—or become a victim of her circumstances. As a motivational speaker, Ford has addressed audiences across the country, using her personal story to provide inspiration, motivation and guidance toward a better life.

She has worked in nonprofits and post-secondary institutions to advocate for systematic changes to better align K-12 education programming with college-ready expectations. Currently she is interim assistant director for the Pre-College Enrichment Program for Leaning Excellence (PEOPLE) at the UW–Madison.

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May 18, 2017 | The Power of Women’s Voices
Veronica Rueckert

Learn how to take up space with your voice and use it as an instrument of personal empowerment and self-expression. Hear about the latest research on how voices are perceived in the workplace and the cultural and technical obstacles that can impact how well your—and other women’s—voices will be heard and listened to. In this workshop you’ll enjoy listening exercises, a discussion of the basics of body language and vocal techniques, and practice vocal exercises that encourage confidence. Learn to speak up at meetings, hold your ground in high-stakes situations and begin training your voice as a potent tool.

About Veronica:
Veronica Rueckert is the Peabody Award-winning co-host of Wisconsin Public Radio’s statewide news magazine Central Time. She hosted the statewide call-in program, The Veronica Rueckert Show, and worked as a senior producer on the national program To the Best of Our Knowledge, distributed by Public Radio International. Her essays have aired to a national audience via National Public Radio and PRI. Also a vocal instructor and owner of Veronica Rueckert Coaching, she specializes in teaching people how to work with their speaking voice as an instrument of self-expression and uncover its innate potential and persuasive power.

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August 31, 2017 | Why You Need a Dream Team: And How to Build One
Megan Watt

Do you ever wonder why “successful people” accomplish greatness? It’s because they surround themselves with a team of supporters and motivators who help them reach their goals. In this session we explore the six key members of a Dream Team—cheerleader, industry insider, momentum mover, connector, outlier and rising star—and how to identify who might be already playing that role for you and how to fill in the gaps. You’ll also learn strategies to leverage your Dream Team to help you reach your goals.

About Megan:
Megan Watt is an innovative and highly-sought after speaker, facilitator and career coach who inspires people to take new action in their lives. She’s recognized by the Urban League as a Trailblazer, excelling and leading in her industry, and has spoken to audiences at AT&T, American Family Insurance, WARF and the University of Iowa, and has taught career and leadership development at Big Ten universities and served as the vice president of innovation and strategy for a startup. Currently Megan is chief dream maker of Madison’s Dream Catalyst Labs, where the mission is to inspire others to dream big and tenaciously go after those “Someday Goals”today!

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