Creating Custom Design Experiences

When reimagining a room in your home, whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, the kitchen or entertaining area, it’s important to have a vision for how you want to update the space. That’s where Flooring Designs’ team of experts can come in to help you execute a beautifully-styled area.

Their boutique showroom offers a range of premier, traditional, contemporary, residential, commercial, custom flooring and finish options.

But, Flooring Designs offers more than just flooring — the staff helps clients determine design direction, material choices and a detailed vision of the new space. They also ensure that your redesigned space fits in holistically with your home’s overall look. This type of service is unique and you won’t find it anywhere else in the Madison area.

Currently, homeowners are incorporating more texture and dimension into their homes. Clients have also been enjoying splashes of color and patterns. Our female-led design team is ready to work with you on your next project.

Flooring Designs

2272 S. Beltline Ct., Madison, WI 53713 | 608.255.4331 [email protected] |

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