The Tastemakers

Hog Wild - Dan Fox

By Rachel Werner | Photo courtesy Paulius Mustakis 

Making blueberry muffins for his sister when they were kids, Dan Fox didn’t know he’d one day be running a restaurant, co-owning a farm, coordinating a CSA and managing a catering company. But, he now does that—and more—by overseeing Heritage Tavern, Fox Heritage Farm and Heritage Catering.

“Although I initially started working in the industry part-time in the ‘front of the house’ as a host, then bartender, I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decide to leave college and enroll in culinary school,” he shares.

Since then, his culinary ingenuity and business acumen have earned Fox numerous accolades—including being a James Beard Award semi-finalist in 2015 and 2016. Though he is quick to point out not every endeavor was shrewdly calculated.

“The pig farming honestly just began as a hobby, then expanded because I enjoy the different pace of being out in the sun and farm fields running around with animals,” he says. “It’s quite the contrast to being in the kitchen.”