Scent surround

Elemental aromatherapy
By Marni McEntee

If you don’t like slathering your skin with products whose ingredients you can’t pronounce, Jamie Healy has you covered, naturally. Healy has a homemade line of fragrant body butters and gentle lip balms called Bhakti Naturals—bhakti, in Sanskrit, means the pure path of love and devotion; a connection to the divine.

“I love putting my apron on, coming up with synergistic blends and offering up a product that smells good and is good for you,” says Healy, a Wisconsin native who teaches yoga, practices reiki and offers essential oils workshops.

The body butters are based on four of the five elements—air, water, fire and earth (the fifth, spirit, is being developed.) Fragrant ingredients, including citrus fruits, ylang ylang, patchouli, frankincense, bergamot and others, offer aromatherapy’s healing effects—on heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, stress, memory and hormone balance. We could all become devoted to that kind of natural path.

Lip balms are available at Isthmus Wellness in Madison, and both Bhakti Naturals products are available at Perennial Yoga and Meditation in Fitchburg.

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