Real Talk for Parents With LGBTQ+ Kids

By Annie Rosemurgy | Photography by Hillary Schave

Parents may face tough conversations with loved ones about a lack of support for their kids who may identify as LGBTQ+. Here’s how to back up your child.

“Tell family members what your expectations for language and behavior around these topics are. It can be hard if a loved one isn’t on board, but for many families there is a huge amount of goodwill and love that promotes change. People can grow over time.” – Katie Larsen-Klodd

“Explore whether friends or loved ones are willing to learn more and become educated on LGBTQ+ topics and proper pronoun use.” – Dr. Britt Allen

“Remember that it is your first priority to protect your children and create safe spaces for them. Drawing firm boundaries with friends and loved ones who invalidate or demean LGBTQ+ people is part of your job and should be treated as any other threat to safety.” – Elizabeth Gregg

“Be aware of toxic microaggressions and non-affirming language and think about using outside mediation if problems persist.” Sylla Zarov (pictured above), principal at Northside Elementary School

Click here for more advice and resources on parenting and LGBTQ+.

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