Theresa Kim's Artful Coaching
By Jenie Gao

WITH HER YOUNGEST heading to kindergarten, former elementary and middle school teacher Theresa Kim decided it was time for her to help other moms answer the question: “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Kim became a life coach and now, through her coaching service Suite 101 Experiences, Kim helps women at all life stages more than she ever imagined. “Clients come when they need to make big decisions and get the clarity, confidence and self-compassion to move forward,” Kim explains.

In individual and group sessions, Kim starts by asking powerful questions to help clients identify specific goals and encourage them to let go of what’s holding them back. She uses painting as a tool to simulate personal creativity and intuition. Kim emphasizes that her methodology is not about the resulting artistic product or formal art instruction, but rather the mental and emotional exploration that making art provokes.

“Life coaching is about momentum. People are hungry to express themselves, but also apprehensive. They have stories about how their sister or friend was the creative one—not them. They’re afraid of being judged, and feel pressure to have their ‘brave face’ on,” she says. “I provide a safe space to share and diffuse fear.”

Check out Kim’s “Experience a Fresh Start: Intuitive Paint Night” Sept. 22, and her four-workshop “Shift Your Sludge” series starting Sept. 29, at the Suite 101 Experiences studio.

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