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By Rachel Werner


REGAL AND CHIC, Sarah Artz helps other Madison makers find their stride—artistically and lucratively— through her company One-One Thousand and its pop-up events around town.

DESCRIBE YOUR ARTISTIC JOURNEY. I started doing upholstery about seven years ago. It was exactly the release I needed from spending most of my days behind a computer at marketing and nonprofit management jobs that were draining and unfulfilling. The craft got my hands and mind working in new ways and I was able to furnish my home with things I made, which was empowering.

WHY DID YOU LAUNCH ONE-ONE THOUSAND? Once I dug deeper into my craft, I wanted to find more ways to connect with a like-minded community and I found Madison didn’t have a central place for this yet. The city was filled with a lot of talented designers and artisans, but working in isolation from one another. One-One Thousand is meant to create a maker ecosystem for collaboration, resources and community—and foster a local economy that supports the production of their goods.

DESCRIBE YOUR WORKSPACE NOW THAT YOU’RE AWAY FROM A DESK. I don’t currently have a space open to members or the public right now. I share a private studio space with two other furniture makers and host all of my events through pop-ups at our studio or other locations. I’m on the hunt for a larger, more permanent home base.

WHAT KEEPS YOU INSPIRED FOR THE DAYS AHEAD? Collectively marketing local makers and helping handcrafted artisans promote themselves.


DECKING OUT downtown Madison with an innovative maker space, Revel owner Sarah Van Dyke is one darling addition to the local creative scene. She’s created a mod downtown space where DIYers can gather to craft over cocktails and conversation.

WHY CRAFT? As an avid DIY-er, there’s a joy that comes from creating things and finishing projects from start to finish, especially in the tech-y world we live in today. It’s pretty hard to ever feel ‘finished’ with your email inbox!

IS OPERATING A CREATIVE SPACE AS FUN AS YOU IMAGINED? I love the energy around the [Capitol] Square and wanted to add something to the mix that would be a little different—a unique experience that can be shared with others. I also want to make it easy for guests to create and light a spark toward further joy in their lives. For example, making a set of dip-dyed napkins might give someone the push they need to finally organize a dinner party with friends.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVE PART OF OPENING REVEL SO FAR? I’m pleasantly surprised with the versatility of the space and I really enjoyed configuring and decorating it for workshops and events. The initial design and overall aesthetic concept called for it to be very bright, clean and not too cluttered—essentially a blank canvas or backdrop that could be transformed in many different ways.

DESCRIBE THE LEARNING CURVE FROM THE FIRST BIZ YOU OWNED. My husband and I operated Antics Flipbooks, a mobile flipbook studio for weddings and corporate parties, for four years. That was a great way to learn about the ins and outs of running a small business, everything from insurance, taxes and sales of a product that no one has ever heard of before.


PARTYING FOR PROFIT is just another day at the office for HIVE Social Club founder Emily Locke.

YOU REALLY SOCIALIZE AS AN OCCUPATION? A few years ago, I moved back to the Midwest from Texas and I felt disconnected from my new “home” because I was struggling to meet people I clicked with. I realized there are many challenges to building valuable relationships in today’s world, especially if you’re a mobile millennial like me. So I started HIVE; I wanted to create a supportive and authentic network of passionate individuals.

AND, THIS MAKES MONEY HOW? HIVE Social Club is essentially social events for millennial mindsets to engage in common interests for a nominal entrance fee. My events are known for showcasing other local businesses, startups, artists and musicians. This allows guests to meet new people and to explore new places.

BIGGEST OBSTACLE TO KEEPING HIVE ABUZZ? The greatest challenge is finding venues for larger events and nontraditional spaces with a price tag that a startup can afford. Luckily, HIVE has gained a loyal following. I’m striving to motivate my generational cohorts to “Connect. Explore. Thrive in your city.” and “Be Your City.”

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR OTHER PURSUITS? Previous to starting HIVE, I received my masters in public health with an emphasis in health promotion and behavioral science. The ongoing desire to inspire wellness in others has also led me to launch a personal empowerment brand called “IamEm”—encouraging women and men to be who they are, let go of fear and live life fully.

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