(Ooh La La) Aren’t They Lovely?

BRAVA give three gals a beauty + style boost.

Bernadette Archer

Bernadette Archer
Age: 36

Occupation: Scheduler for Meriter Hospital Center for Perinatal Care

What was your fave part of the photo shoot? Learning that I can wear skinny jeans. I never thought in a million years that my body type would look good in those!

What’s your fave February activity? Horseback riding to get ready for show season.

What’s your recipe for wellness? I’m lucky if I get five hours of sleep a night!

Why she wanted a makeover: Everything I do is for my children (ages 3 and 4 months). I never spend any money on myself and haven’t purchased new clothes for…close to four years. I also work 32 hours a week and am going to school part time. I don’t have time to go get a haircut, let alone get my eyebrows waxed.

How hair stylist Tammy Bjerke enhanced Bernadette’s look: Added highlights and lowlights to pop out the curl, with some textured layers so she has an easier time working with her curls.

How BRAVA fashion stylist Shanna Wolf freshened her style: Bernadette recently had a baby so Wolf mimicked the comfort of maternity clothes in a mom-friendly style. The drapey top paired with high-waisted skinny jeans lends a long lean silhouette.

Marilyn Larsen

Marilyn Larsen
Age: 50

Occupation: Assistant director, UW-Madison Center for Limnology

What was your fave part of the makeover? The haircut. Someone once told me you lose negative energies when you get your hair cut, and I think it’s true. I’m walking on air!

What do you love about Wisconsin winters? Snow. The more snow, the better.

What’s your philosophy for living a life of wellbeing? Balance.

Kids? No, four cats. (And a boyfriend).

Why she wanted a makeover: Why not? I’ve never made any significant changes to my look and felt it was time to try something different.

How hair stylist Casey Schwanz enhanced her look: With a virgin head of hair—never colored—cautious was the approach. Added highlights pop and hidden layers blend hair in a style that’s easy to blow out.

How BRAVA fashion stylist Shanna Wolf freshened her style: Turning heads at 50! In place of shapeless, oversized pieces, Marilyn’s super fit figure looks best in layered wardrobe essentials that flatter her figure.

Heather Stancer

Heather Stancer
Age: 41

Occupation: Salon manager, Modish Studios

What was your fave part of the makeover? Being pampered instead of me pampering other people.

What’s your philosophy for staying well? Be your own kind of beautiful. Do you have children? Three

What’s one quote you try to live by? Live. Love. Sparkle.

Why she wanted a makeover: I have always been the one to take care of everyone else. I decided to lose weight (130 pounds) and change my life. I am now feeling more confident and I thought having a makeover would really let me see what I’ve accomplished in the last year.

How hair stylist Casey Schwanz enhanced Heather’s look: Played with the fact that Heather had been light before, created a more distinct line of the perimeter and a got a bit messier with the interior.

How BRAVA fashion stylist Shanna Wolf freshened her style: Since Heather’s weight loss, her new shape is defined nicely in garments with a lot of stretch and body skimming fabrics. This cardigan that nips in a bit at the waist gives her straight body type some nice curves.

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