By Rachel Werner | Photographed by Kaia Calhoun

Finding solace incorporates the whole—mind, body and spirit. Perennial Yoga owner Meg Sirchio kept this concept forefront while planning additions to the studio with the prairie view in Fitchburg.

“It became clear within a few years that Perennial was much more to people than a yoga studio. So in re-creating the space I wanted to honor all of these needs,” she says. “Bringing the elements of nature into the studio and creating a space that flows together and mixes the old and the new, plus appeals to all of a person’s senses, was my goal.”


Sirchio used the five elements of nature—Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Space—as her guide during the redesign. “Each has particular qualities and characteristics that exhibit themselves in our lives and we need all five to stay in balance and live in harmony,” she explains. “Our three studios, new meditation area and healing room are named after one of the five to honor that nature in all things and we are forces of it.”

The second major component of the redesign is Surya Café, a vegan and vegetarian café serving local and organic foods like Carrot Cake smoothies and Sunflower Beet burgers. “Surya means ‘sun’ in Sanskrit and we offer food that does not harm the earth or other sentient beings,” Sirchio says.

And a comprehensive approach to healthful living is at the heart of the yogic philosophy. “Upon reflection, I wouldn’t say we expanded. I would say we grew into what we are meant to be,” she says. “A community of people who want to live wholeheartedly and love endlessly.”

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