Mediterranean Bodega

The Delish Details of the Current Lineup
By Rachel Werner
Photographed by Josh Witzel

Midnight munchies lead
to a happier ending at Banzo Shük, the late-night spinoff of the original Banzo and its roaming duo of food carts. Nestled into a cozy corner nook on Willy Street, Shük offers a healthier fix to late night cravings by dishing up the main staples of its compact menu as fully loaded pitas—or salads. Chef Dan Schmitz thinks the payoff of the fare’s intentional simplicity is that customers get more exposure to the broad scope of Mediterranean cuisine. “With Shük”—which means ‘market’ in Hebrew—“we wanted to have the flexibility to shift the menu frequently and infuse more seasonal variety. Being able to change things up is more fun for them—and us,” he says.


Batata Falafel: Banzo’s crisped to perfection falafel upgraded with the addition of sweet potato to the chickpea base.

Beef: Grilled kebabs are capped off with a housemade cilantro spread. Order as a salad and savor the contrast of textures between the tender slabs and the crunchy mixed greens beneath.

Farmhouse Veggie: A rotating assortment of veggies slathered in local honey, red curry sauce and olive tapenade.

Seafood: Fiery blackened catfish softened by a Creole-white bean spread—a combo of aromas igniting mouthwatering anticipation before the first bite.

Basbousa: The traditional citrus, almond cake initially lays light on the tongue, yet carries a sweetness that lingers.

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