Building Genuine Connections With Clients

When personal injury Attorney Danielle M. Schroder decided to join MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, in Verona, Wisconsin, it wasn’t simply a business decision. It was her heart saying,“This is the community where I live and where I want to work, closer to my people and the businesses I care about.” Schroder enjoys connecting with clients at their new office.

When clients meet Schroder, she’s like a friendly neighbor who waves hello and genuinely cares about her clients. Imagine: a lawyer who cares about more than just paperwork — a real person who’s got your back. And, Schroder is a tenacious fighter in the courtroom. Here’s her special sauce: she understands a vital element of her work involves forging relationships.

“A key component to a trial lawyer’s success involves building connections: connections with clients, the judge, the jury and even the other side. Our job is to ensure the client’s story is told truthfully, with clarity and in the proper light.”

Outside of work, Schroder balances family life, work and play — which for her, means getting outside for a run or bike ride. She understands life can be a juggling act, and she’s here for it.

“It is a privilege to be a part of clients’ lives and to be trusted, especially in a time of vulnerability, as their representative in the pursuit of justice. Every day, I am touched by my clients’ stories.”

If you’re ever in need of legal assistance, particularly involving injuries to you or a loved one, be sure to connect with Schroder. In her world, being genuine, kind and caring isn’t just a strategy — it’s who she is.

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