What’s Old is New Again at Waunakee Remodeling

Creativity is a trait that must be employed when cultivating truly successful remodeling projects. Just ask the experts at Waunakee Remodeling, which offers an array of remodeling and home design services.

Their experience speaks for itself — the company has been improving homes since 1977. What started as a siding and gutter company grew into a full-service exterior remodeling company. In 2006, the company began to establish itself in the Madison area for interior remodeling. They currently specialize in kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling.

Courtney Maier, marketing manager at Waunakee Remodeling, says the biggest benefit to working with a remodeler on a home improvement project is the expertise and experience they bring to the table. Waunakee Remodeling has had the opportunity to work with thousands of homeowners in Madison and its surrounding areas.

Besides having a deep knowledge on the ins and outs of remodels, the Waunakee Remodeling team is passionate about turning their clients’ dreams into reality.

“We help people transform their lives by transforming their living spaces. As a tight-knit group of innovative designers, seasoned project managers and master carpenters, we strive to make the entire remodeling process as fun and stress-free as possible for our clients,”Maier says.“Our goal is to achieve transformative results through conscious, collaborative design and construction that balances form with function, creativity with context, scope with budget and style with sustainability.”

The Waunakee Remodeling team recognizes that hiring a remodeler is a big decision. Not only is it a major investment, but you will be working closely with whomever you choose for several months or more.

As such, the top four to-dos that the Waunakee Remodeling team recommends when searching for a remodeler include:

  • Be systematic in your approach.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask pointed questions.
  • Talk through everything before you begin, including budget, style, project scope, contract details, etc.
  • Seek out a remodeler who cares about your goals and respects you.

“You’re not just choosing a company to do work for you, but you are also inviting them into your home,” Maier says. “You are building a relationship that will hopefully last a very long time.”

While searching for a home remodeler, it’s also important to research the company you’d like to use. Are they licensed, bonded and insured?

Maier also recommends asking for references. “Be sure to contact some past clients to find out what working with this company was like and how they may have handled any problems that might have arisen,” Maier says. “It might not be a bad idea to also ask them if you can see a project that has been recently completed or under construction to get an idea of their quality of workmanship.”

Waunakee Remodeling | 608.268.7140 | 1001 Frank H St., Waunakee | waunakeeremodeling.com

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