A Fierce Feminine POV

By Rachel Werner | Photography by Tim Highman

Superhero references typically call to mind male prototypes and patriarchal themes. But in 2018, utility company Madison Gas and Electric decided to flip the script in terms of their GENRE 2030 millennial-focused marketing campaign by casting local female trailblazers as the protagonists in three cinematographic shorts. MG&E residential services manager Charles Warner refers to this series as a “superwomen arc,” which pays homage to the multitude of dynamic women playing an active role in our thriving city each day. “GENRE 2030 is a film series about life and energy in Madison. Each story comes with resources you can use to repower your life into a more sustainable future,” he explains.

Humbled to be featured in one of this year’s vignettes, farmer and ultramarathoner Jonnah Mellenthin Perkins affirms being a part of the project was very meaningful on a personal level. “Working on this was a powerful experience,” she says. “Seeing my food activism, farm life, motherhood and trail running regiment told in one project was incredible. I’m so happy that MG&E values sharing these topics with the community and has the creative energy to pull together such captivating stories.”

And a women also had major input behind the scenes thanks to Dream Lens Media owner Carrie Highman taking on the role as director for the two final installments. “It was such an honor to work with Jonnah, from Vermont Valley Community Farms and Jo and Joyce from Saints Juice. As a female entrepreneur myself, it inspired me to be around such powerful, ambitious women and share their journeys,” Highman states. “I loved sitting down with them before we even turned on a camera and learn about what makes them tick and gives them passion for what they do. I am so grateful for Genre 2030 and the platform it provides for the people of Madison to share their lives.” genre2030.com.


See the next Genre 2030 premiere live in downtown Madison at The Majestic on Wednesday, July 18 at 7 P.M. and learn more about Saints Juice Company creators Joanna (Jo) Um and Joyce Cullen at: bravamagazine.com/get-juiced/.

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