Women’s Natural Edge: Why Emotional Intelligence Paves Your Path to Success in Financial Services

By Sandy Botcher

As Managing Partner of Northwestern Mutual Southern Wisconsin, I have a strong belief that women are inherently equipped with the tools crucial for success in financial planning. Emotional Intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient, or EQ) stands at the forefront of those tools. Research shows that women naturally tend to be stronger in several critical EQ skills; they tend to be more self-aware, empathetic, vulnerable and collaborative in how they work.

EQ isn’t just about understanding feelings, it’s about channeling that awareness into meaningful client relationships. At Northwestern Mutual, we recognize this potent blend of EQ and the innate skills many women possess. And it’s why I believe, more than ever, that women have a unique, natural edge in this industry.

In my journey, I’ve seen how strong EQ translates into the ability to quickly build trust. And a strong sense of self- awareness makes it easier to meet all types of individuals where they are at. For me personally, I think it is natural empathy and vulnerability that really stand out. All these things are key to helping people really unpack their very personal hopes, goals and dreams during the financial planning process.

There is so much data showing the female investor market is vastly underserved in the financial planning space. And we know that women want to work with female advisors because these qualities are important to them. While women bring a unique, EQ-rich dynamic to the table, their full potential in financial planning roles remains untapped. This is a huge opportunity. Our mission at Northwestern Mutual is clear: amplify the role of women in finance and harness the power of EQ to its fullest. With this ethos, we don’t just offer a job, but a chance to be trailblazers.

Let me be clear. While the data shows that women are more naturally skilled in EQ, we believe that this is important for all our advisors. We work on this through EQ training, mentorship and coaching. We are preparing representatives to genuinely connect with clients and build lasting relationships. Having more women in our firm, particularly as leaders,
helps us raise the game for everyone as we work to grow these skills. And to the women reading this: your natural strengths in understanding, empathy, and communication are not just welcomed but deeply needed. Your inherent EQ prowess gives you a distinctive edge in the world of finance.

By joining our ranks, women can champion financial well-being across diverse demographics. This isn’t a mere career step — it’s a calling. With our commitment, you’re positioned not just to participate, but to pioneer. I wholeheartedly invite you to this transformative journey. Together, let’s shape the future of finance, leveraging our unique strengths.

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