Axios Life Coaching


Jara Rios founded Axios Life Coaching in 2016 and has expanded its offerings to include career-related and relationship-based coaching, as well as grief counseling.

Keeping ‘the Whole Brain’ Healthy


Opportunities for continuing education abound in the Madison area— and even a bit farther afield. And, for seniors, some of these educational offerings are free or at a lower cost. So dive in and keep your mind aflight!

Making an Impact: Ruth Robarts


At their 2018 Community Volunteer Awards, the United Way recognized Ruth Robarts with a Distinguished Service award. Robarts, 71, has volunteered for the past eight years with the Literacy Network, teaching classes in English and citizenship.

Fine Wines


Micca Hutchins has a thing for good wine—especially wine from Southern France, made by family vintners with generations of experience.

An Eye for the Finer Things


Elegance and artful functionality define Susan Colby’s approach to life and her clothing design business, Avedon & Colby International Outfitters, her latest venture after a lifetime of design industry work for top-tier brands.

English garden

Where Beauty is in Season


Mike Collins’ lush backyard garden in West Madison is part English garden, with its lilies and daisies, and part prairie garden, bursting with asters and coneflowers. And, there’s another whole section Collins calls a mosaic garden.