9 Madison AAPI Women You Need to Know

Madison’s Asian American and Pacific Islander community is full of women leaders, difference-makers and cultural changemakers. Read about some that we’ve written about recently that are making Madison a better, more vibrant place. 

Jamie Hoang on Being the Head of the Table at Ahan

Ahan is Jamie Hoang’s opportunity to show off some of her favorite Southeast Asian foods.

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Tu Le on Achieving Work-Life Balance

For Tu Le, finding work-life balance was not always a priority. Now, it is essential for her because it means more valuable time with her children.

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Mai Zong Vue’s Journey From Refugee to Advocate

Mai Zong Vue’s tireless advocacy work over the last three decades has built a support network for Hmong people living in Wisconsin.

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Saran Ouk on Empowering Women and People of Color Through Building Connections

For Saran Ouk, she realized the power of relationship-building when she introduced a friend interested in financial advising to another colleague in that field. She quickly learned that building networks was a key rung in the proverbial career ladder.

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Francesca Hong on Being a Culinary Changemaker

With her long tenure in the restaurant industry, Francesca Hong excels at taking care of people. When something isn’t working or someone is being left out, she is quick to speak up and offer support.

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Yimmuaj Yang is a Steward for BIPOC Farmers

Since Yimmuaj Yang joined Groundswell Conservancy in 2020, she’s closed the gap between non-white farmers and available farmland.

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Three AAPI Women’s Extraordinary Career Journeys

In honor of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month in May, three women talk about their unique careers.

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