Thrive With Brava

8:00AM – 4:00PM

Important BRAVA Thrive Conference Update

After careful consideration and with an abundance of caution regarding the current
COVID-19 situation, we at BRAVA Magazine have made the decision to cancel the 2020 THRIVE Conference. BRAVA Magazine would like to thank all of its sponsors, speakers and attendees for their continued support of this event.

We hope to see you all again at our events in 2021.

Until then, stay safe and continue to thrive with us online at

What attendees said about past THRIVE Conference events

“I brought one friend. I’ll bring more next year. It was excellent!”

“I just keep realizing how important growth is – different parts of our life demand attention at the same time or in cycles, but really pursuing the things that are important and key to our values, challenging ourselves to keep getting 10% better, can really add up! but the desire to grow is irreplaceable.”

“I was very excited to have a local opportunity for a personal growth seminar. The last two years I have had a strong focus on this as well as female support and empowerment. Together we can draw power and encouragement – together we have power.”

“I’m really glad I went! It was very inspiring and uplifting to hear from such talented positive speakers and be surrounded by fabulous women for a day!”

“The variety of options throughout the morning and afternoon were great; sponsor tables were a welcoming addition. I didn’t know anyone at the conference and that was a plus so that I could connect with new people in the community and learn more about their personal & professional missions.”

“What a great group of women! Great energy. Brilliant speakers. Well run.”

“It was a great event! It was the best way to kick off my golden birthday and the next chapter and stage in my life, work and flow! Thank you!”

“What a great day! I’m so glad I went and I’m looking forward to attending more events this year. Thank you for doing such great work!”

“It was an incredible day filled with inspiration, connection and wonder.”

“What an amazing day filled with amazing women and energy.”

“I left feeling incredibly empowered to make simple, positive changes in my life.”

“This is a fantastic conference and I felt truly blessed and thankful I was able to attend. It is a great motivator for women around the world!”

“Thank you for a really lovely, inspiring and restorative day!”