Katie Hill: The Rebellion of Self-Love

By Hywania Thompson | Photographed by Hillary Schave on location at Hilton Madison Monona Terrace

“Inside, I have a rebel spirit. On the outside, I played by the rules—I went to college, I got the degrees—I did all the things I thought society wanted of me.

I realized this isn’t what I wanted.” Two years ago, Katie Hill says she decided to change her life for the better and be honest with who she wanted to be.

Hill wasn’t happy with the way she felt mentally, physically and emotionally, so she began to make one change at a time. “One little change, one little change,” Hill says. “What happened was I started to change drastically.”

With that, Hill founded Rebel Wellness, where she is Chief Rebel. At Rebel Wellness, Hill says people can feel accepted and find support through things like open sharing and community building. Hill believes everything we’ve been sold by society about what we should do or look like is wrong. She says you are the best person to know what you need.

Hill has been practicing yoga since age 11 and says it allowed her to surrender and let go. Now, she helps others focus on mind, body and spirit with a yoga practice for all—and all body types.

Hill inspires and guides women on journeys to self-love, according to Amber Swenor, who collaborates with Hill on branding and marketing. “The impact she is having is helping women to come back into their bodies, shift into greater self-love, confidence and mind body connection,” Swenor says.

One of Hill’s goals is to create mentors and leaders who will influence people in their lives. Hill is also working on a book about her life—surviving multiple bouts with cancer and her journey to help others. She says she’s driven by a deep passion and desire to watch people come alive.

She can often see the stress and tension people are holding as they enter her classes. “At the end of class, everybody looks like they’re glowing from the inside out,” she says. Hill wants people to have more of this because “feeling good about yourself is a rebellion.”

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