Supplements that Can Help With Stress Relief

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Stress manifests itself in many different ways, from your mind to your muscles. Here, Tasha Miller of Community Pharmacy shares some of their favorite remedies for stress relief.

  • Passionflower For trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, it’s great at calming those “monkey mind” thoughts running through your head.
  • Women’s Calmpound by Herbalist & Alchemist This helps to balance hormones thrown off by stress, calming cravings, moodiness and bloating.
  • Adrenal Health Daily Support Packed with adaptogenic herbs, this prevents burnout, by supporting your adrenals and improving your body’s physical response to stress.
  • High-quality multivitamins A great choice, especially if you’re taking oral contraceptives, which can deplete several nutrients.
  • Magnesium glycinate Easily absorbed, this relaxes muscles, relieving tension and cramps. Taking this before bed also helps relax you to sleep.
  • L-theanine amino acid This supplement, found in green and black tea, reduces anxiety and stress, and promotes deeper sleep.
  • Tea A cup of tea creates a relaxing oasis for yourself in the middle of the crazy.
  • Essential oils Lavender is the essential oil that first pops into most people’s minds when talking about stress, but you can actually use any scent to induce positive emotions. Choose one that is meaningful to you (or just smells good) and inhale it while doing something relaxing. Then keep it on hand during periods of stress, and inhaling that same scent will take your mind and emotions back to that relaxed state. This trick also works great for anxiety. The more often you reinforce the association, the stronger the effect will be.
  • Self-care Make time for yourself with aromatherapy bath salts, a luxurious hair mask or some essential oils for anytime stress relief.
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