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Q Should I remodel or should I buy a different home?
People are tending to remodel their current home rather than buy new. If you really like your present home and its size and location are what you want, then remodeling is a great option. Most of our customers have been in their current homes for some time and enjoy updating the spaces that they have grown to love. But, if the home is in the wrong location or does not meet your family’s space needs, you may want to consider a different home altogether.
Q What is the rule of thumb on how much I should spend to remodel my home?
When we first meet with clients we strongly recommend that they put considerable thought into how much to invest in the home. First and foremost we discuss what clients can afford to spend while comfortably staying within their living standards. Next we assess their home and its neighborhood to compare values. We want to be sure a client’s home stays within their neighborhood’s value ranges, or that they’ll be staying in the home long enough to live through the additional cost of the renovations.
Q How do I choose a contractor/ remodeler?
When selecting a contractor/remodeler, it’s important to find out what their reputation is in the community. Do they have strong referrals of past clients? Are they strong financially as a business? Lastly, do they have the staff and team to make the project complete and successful in a given time period? Make sure you know the answers to these questions.
Q Why are some remodel projects more successful than others?
It’s all in the details. Companies that can offer design/construction under one roof have a better chance of getting to project completion with a happy homeowner. When there are multiple companies involved in one remodel project there is a much higher risk of items being missed or forgotten, leading to homeowner frustration.
Remodeling a home that you plan to live in through the project should be a good experience. You want to make sure that you’re comfortable with the project and the people who are creating your new space. Homeowners shouldn’t be hesitant to remodel, and choosing a team that you enjoy working with will ensure a gratifying process.


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