Light It Up

Illuminate Your Outdoor Spaces
 By Elle Duncombe-Mills

Summer and fall in Wisconsin make everybody want to get outside, and you can’t beat the backyard for a place to play, entertain and just plain laze about. So why not extend those lingering days into the night with some well-planned outdoor lighting? Paul Ganshert, owner of Ganshert Nursery & Landscapes in Fitchburg, offers these tips to transform any yard into a beautiful, functional 24-7 playground.

Spotlight Your Fave Features
Decide which landscape features are special to you, whether it’s an ancient willow tree or your new mum patch. The right lighting can direct a viewer’s gaze, drawing it away from dull spots and instead toward the yard’s highlights.

Don’t overdo it
The key to a chic lighting design is restraint. Ganshert says that homeowners’ biggest mistake is over-lighting, or not leaving enough distance between light sources. The landscape should be a balanced composition, with positive and negative space for the eyes to dance between.

Get Technical
Once you’ve got the basics down, explore more possibilities. Looking to conserve energy? Set timers to illuminate your outdoor space only during the optimal evening hours. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Try lights that smoothly filter through the colors of a sunset. Want to avoid bug bites? Mosquito-repelling lights are all the rage. Now that sounds like something to buzz about.

For more information, visit Ganshert Nursery & Landscapes in Fitchburg or go to

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