Interior Designer Profile: Linen & Clove

By Tasha Downing and Olivia Mizelle

Dani Petta & Kim Schaaf, co-owners and principal designers
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Which design elements do you recommend homeowners splurge on, and where can they save?

We recommend splurging on items that you will use often, like a quality couch, dining chairs or accent chairs. Splurge on items that really speak to you — invest in that amazing headboard, gorgeous rug or beautiful piece of art.

You can save on accent items like vases, florals, trays or baskets, and switch them out as trends change.

What common mistakes do homeowners make when attempting an interior design themselves?

One of the struggles we see are spaces that lack vision. We recommend buying pieces that fit your vision and space, not simply because you saw it on Instagram or in your friend’s house. At our Linen & Clove retail space, we love when customers come in with pictures and measurements of a space they want to redesign so we can perfect it without ending up with pieces that don’t fit.

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