New Year, New You…or Not So Much?

Although we’re only a few weeks into the new year, you may have already kicked any new year’s resolutions to the curb. And some of our 2019 THRIVE series speakers are no different. So whether you’re still gunning for big change or at peace with staying the same, one of the fierce ladies in our lineup definitely has your back.

“Being a former librarian, turning the page to the New Year is like getting a new book. It’s got a glittery cover with my name in gold. Its pages are thick. Taking my favorite pen, I begin: Life is a Daring Adventure and I’m not done yet!”

—Mary Helen Conroy, THRIVE Conference Workshop Presenter

“I am not a resolution maker. I can’t commit to a toothpaste if my whimsy desires a dental change. But because 2018 unwittingly became the year of simplification, I plan on continuing the theme in the coming year. Instead of my historic scattershot approach to all things, I am going to try a little focus. This is my year of the quiet ‘no’ with a pearly smile.”

Ann Wertz Garvin, THRIVE Conference Workshop Presenter

“For 2019, the “new me” aims to practice curiosity, to attempt a mindset of wonder more often than worry. The typical me hoards worry like a seventh grader with a hidden plenTpack of FruitStripe gum on a crowded school bus. Wish me luck.”

—Ann Imig, THRIVE Conference Workshop Presenter

“For me, the start of every new year is an opportunity to redefine myself. I give myself FULL permission to dream big! This year I’m dreaming about publishing my “Thoughtfully Fit” book that I’ve been researching for years. Cheers to 2019!”

—Darcy Luoma, THRIVE Career Workshop Facilitator

“The power in the idea of a ‘New Year, New You’ is not in trying to become something new, but a deepening and leaning more into who you are—and exploring how you want to show up in the world as a more empowered version of YOU.”

—Amber Swenor, THRIVE Career Workshop Facilitator

“Since I am Jewish, I always get two shots at a new year. I set my intentions during the high holidays in September. Then January 1st conveniently comes along three months later giving me another chance to re-set those intentions and—this time—follow through.”

Jen Rubin, THRIVE Conference Workshop Presenter


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