Hot Hues of 2023

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

Ready to inject a pop of pink into your life? Or maybe some rich jewel tones? These are two of the hues that paint companies and interior design experts are predicting will be big hits in 2023. It’s also an indication that after years of decorating in neutral grays and whites, color is coming back.

The Pantone Color Institute began the practice of naming a Color of the Year in 2000. Since then, numerous paint companies followed suit, naming both a Color of the Year and a selection of several other favored tones. While many of this year’s anticipated hits are on the softer side, like Sherwin-Williams’ Restrained Gold, part of its 2023 color collection of the year, others trend toward the bold. Glidden’s Color of the Year, Vining Ivy, is a deep blue-green, for example, while Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush is an intense mix of coral and pink.

This sudden switch to color isn’t surprising, says Erica Weaver, a design coordinator with Denise Quade Design. “The building industry is constantly shifting from cool tones to warmer tones,” she says. “About every 10 years it changes.”

So does this mean living spaces that are neutral or light are now glaringly outdated? Not at all, designers say. “Color trends are just marketing,” says Weaver. But if you enjoy keeping your home on the hip side, you can easily do so by adding small décor pieces and accessories in today’s hot colors.

Purchase some throw pillows or a blanket to add a dash of trendy color in your living room, or maybe a colorful serving tray for your coffee table. In the dining room, a bouquet of silk flowers or a glass bowl set on the dining room table is an easy addition, says Chelsea Goeser, an interior designer at Zander’s Interiors. “These are all things that don’t break the bank, but still give you a really big design impact.”

If you want to be a little bolder while still keeping costs in line, you can paint your powder room in a fashionable tone. “A powder room is a relatively small space that’s easy to paint,” Weaver says, “so that’s one room that could be trendy over and over again.”

However, both designers say you shouldn’t be chasing the latest trend. Instead, choose colors that speak to you, regardless of whether they’re in or out. “Always go with the colors you love,” says Weaver.


The nation’s top paint companies have named these hues their 2023 Color of the Year.

  • Blank Canvas (Behr): This creamy white is a warm neutral that pairs well with everything.
  • Canyon Ridge (BHG at Walmart): Interestingly, this vibrant orange-pink hue — like Blank Canvas — can serve as a neutral on walls.
  • Redend Point (Sherwin-Williams): This blend of blush and beige creates a warm earth tone that’s both calming and energizing.
  • Rustic Greige (Dutch Boy): A melding of gray and beige, with a slight red undertone, Rustic Greige exudes a feeling of coziness.
  • Terra Rosa (Dunn- Edwards): A rosy blend of burgundy and brown, this color can be used as a neutral or light accent.
  • Vining Ivy (Glidden): This rich, blue-green color is a nod to nature and its soothing aura.
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