Homes That Change With You at Classic Custom Homes of Waunakee

In the past, when older homeowners became less mobile, they often had few alternatives but to enter a nursing home or assisted living facility. Today, things are changing. For one thing, there are more options for in-home care and support, allowing people to stay in their homes longer as they age. For another, aging-in place home design features offer a unique alternative to people who prefer to stay in their homes during their senior years.

According to Brea Bartelt, interior designer at Classic Custom Homes of Waunakee, aging in place features refer to design elements and modifications that allow individuals to live independently and comfortably in their homes as they age, without the need for significant renovations and relocations.

Examples of these features are having the owner’s suite on the main level; installing curbless transitions, larger benches and handheld shower heads in baths; zero-entry doors from the garage; wider entryways; and grab bar blocking for future installations in bathrooms and other spaces.

Since 2005, Classic Custom Homes of Waunakee has been building custom homes boasting time-honored craftsmanship, including incorporating aging-in-place features for clients. So why should homeowners consider partnering with Classic Custom Homes to incorporate aging- in-place components into their custom home? Quite simply, the team is able to offer design recommendations about aging-in-place options, as well as guidance on selections and the ideal construction processes — all of which lends a continuity in the look and style of your home, keeping in mind your potential future needs.

“With our population aging, the utilization of aging-in-place features is expected to rise, along with a surge in new products and innovative design concepts hitting the market,” Bartelt says. “Smart home automation, voice-activated controls, motorized lifts and multi-generational design are just a few examples of increasingly advanced and accessible features gaining popularity.”

Indeed, Classic Custom Homes’ full- service team of designers and draftspeople provide comprehensive guidance during the home design process, aiming to meet clients’ present and future needs for each space. The team works closely with each homeowner to understand their vision for their future housing needs.

“We take various aspects into consideration, from positioning the house on the lot to achieve a zero-step entry,
to ensuring wheelchair accessibility by making doorways and hallways wider,” Bartelt says.“Additionally, we discuss features like ergonomic solutions such as lever-style door handles, contributing to the overall accessibility and convenience of the new home design.”

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