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Glance through any home design magazine and you would be hard- pressed not to find information on “living green.” The green movement has captured the attention of homeowners like never before. From sustainable home building design to innovative, organic interior design finishes,“bringing the outside in” is capturing the attention of homeowners like never before.

“We are seeing a current trend of organic lines in furniture and interior architecture, including arches and curves, of clients’ homes. Also, clients are incorporating larger windows and doors that retract fully to create a shared space between the inside of the home and an outdoor space,” says Linda Eberle, kitchen and bathroom designer at Dream House Dream Kitchens.

Eberle also points to innovative elements and finishes that celebrate the beauty of natural elements in home décor. She is seeing homeowners drawn to wood flooring that is teeming with character, including knots and sap lines, that emphasize these features. Some homeowners are gravitating toward flooring with warm, brown-toned stains.

Other natural elements in today’s home designs include organic-shaped lamps, pottery, bold botanical wallpapered accent walls, artworks of nature scenes and rattan light fixtures. She also points out that live-edge wood countertops are notable in furnishings or kitchen countertop accents.

Popular color palettes include warmer shades, earth tones and neutrals. That’s right — the long-popular gray has been replaced with greens, blues and yellows.

“While white-painted cabinetry is a timeless look, the whites [used now] have beige undertones or even slight blush undertones versus the cooler, blue undertones that have been popular in recent years,” Eberle says.

As homeowners are drawn to meld the interior and exterior of their homes, they are incorporating more greenery into rooms. Potted succulents and hydroponic gardens are one way to do this.

“As more people work remotely from home on a part- or full-time basis, they don’t always leave their homes [every day] and [they] want to bring a piece of the outdoors in,”says Eberle.“Clients are also realizing the health benefits of not only growing their own food, but that experiencing nature with all of their senses through sight, smell and touch is good for their overall wellbeing.”

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