A Fun Kids’ Table? Yes, Please!

By Jessica Longstreth | Styled and Photographed by Shanna Wolf

Trade in the gaudy paper turkeys for a functional, modern and minimalist kids’ table this Thanksgiving. There’s no need to stress yourself over complicated crafts. A simple set up lets the kids be self-sufficient, with their own hunger-satiating nibbles and interactive entertainment. If electronic devices are your kids’ go-to boredom buster, question cards can encourage conversation, just like at the big people’s table. And tic-tac-toe pumpkins, painted with ‘x’s and ‘o’s, are a seasonal take on a classic. Kids can draw the grid (or what they’re thankful for) with chalk on paper placements. Little fingers can also keep busy stringing an edible appetizer necklace with o-shaped cereals and pretzels. For a centerpiece an attractive spread of edible fruit provides a snack that will keep both parents and kids happy during the wait for the big bird.

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