What’s New, What’s Next: Erica Weaver

ERICA WEAVER, Denise Quade Design

Weaver is a senior designer and project coordinator with Quade’s firm, who works with clients in Dane County and beyond.


“Social media has made following trends so much easier — we get to see them sooner, and so do our clients! We used to see trends two to three years after they started on the coasts and worked their way in to us … but now we’ve been on pace with what we’ve been seeing on the coasts, so that’s been really fun!”


“We’ve been specifiying [for clients] granite, quartzite and marble versus quartz. Wood countertops add warmth and functionality into a hard-working kitchen. White kitchens will always be classic, but we’ve seen a resurgence of light, stained textured woods and bolder colors (Green! Burgundy! Warm blues!). [There has been a] shift toward warmer tones (grays and browns) for a couple of years, and homeowners are appreciating the coziness factor those hues bring into spaces.”


“Supporting local makers is a great way to introduce unique items into your décor. Iconi Interiors, Good Day Shop and Dune Gift and Home all have great options. We love Wildewood’s plant and planter selection [too]!”


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