Level Up Your Vacation Rental

By Annie Rosemurgy | Photographed By Shanna Wolf

When decorating your home to rent out, think personality, not personal. A neutral decorating palette with curated pops of color is universally appealing. Avoid family photos in favor of interesting art assemblages. Fetishize organization. Neat, open shelving for kitchen items and linens is best. Hooks and wire baskets afford storage while maintaining a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

Help your guests get their bearings with visitor’s guides, take-out menus, maps and copies of local magazines (including BRAVA!). Emergency contact numbers and specific instructions for home maintenance—the garbage and recycling schedule, for instance—should be prominently displayed.

Add extra warm touches to make your guests feel at home, such as coffee and tea supplies at the ready, high quality soaps in the bathrooms, cozy throw blankets throughout the house, a stack of board games and DVDs. And, as always, a handwritten note greeting your guests is the gold standard for pro-level home hosting.

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